Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Is So Good It Could Take Him All The Way To The White House…

 Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images


Donald Trump has been in the spotlight lately and most of it has been good news. Sure, he offended libs with his remarks on immigration and ruffled a few feathers with his remarks on John McCain but he’s still leading the pack in basically every poll.

What we haven’t heard much about are some of his remarkable stances on important issues such as taxes.

In his 2011 book, “Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again,” Trump lays out his plan to completely transform America’s tax code. It’s simple but brilliant!


Trump’s code, which he calls the “1-5-10-15 income tax plan,” is a simplistic way to fix our nation’s broken taxation system, without putting the strain on any particular group of people. (H/T Conservative Tribune)

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Trump says, “Imagine your paycheck was 40 percent higher than it currently is. What could you do with 40 percent more wealth? How many jobs and opportunities for others could you create?”

“The longer you really think about it the madder you will get, especially when you consider the waste, fraud, and abuse the federal government traffics in as it inflicts its self-defeating policies on hard-working Americans.”


Here’s Trump’s proposed tax plan:

  • Those making up to $30,000 will pay 1 percent.
  • Income from $30,000 to $100,000 results in a flat 5 percent.
  • $100,000 to $1 million income will be taxed at 10 percent.
  • On $1 million or above will be taxed 15 percent.

“It’s clear and fair,” Trump wrote. “Best of all, it can be filled out on the back of a postcard and will save Americans big bucks on accountants and massive amounts of time wasted attempting to decipher the tax code.”

WOW! This makes perfect sense to me! I’ll take 10% all day long! Would we still get write-offs?

AARON KLEIN at WND reports:

Speaking to CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Trump declared, “I fight like hell to pay as little as possible, for two reasons. Number one, I am a businessman, and that’s the way you are supposed to do it. And you put the money back in your company and employees and all of that.”

He continued, “But the other reason is that I hate the way our government spends our taxes. I hate the way they waste our money, trillions and trillions of dollars of waste and abuse. And I hate it.

“And I will be probably the first candidate in the history of politics within this country to say, I try and, like every, by the way, like every single taxpayer out there, I try to pay as little tax as possible, and, again, one of the big reasons is, I hate what our country does with the money that we pay.”

I think everyone can agree that our tax code is horrible. It is so complicated that even the best accountants have a problem figuring it out. What do you think of Trumps tax plan? Let us know!


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  1. THIS SOUNDS GOOD TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. His bullshit plan would blow a massive hole in the budget and explode the deficit. This gives a 24% tax cut to the highest earners among other craptastic things.

    • do you realize that the bottom tax payers will be paying taxes and not getting 20,000 in refunds?that will more than offset any losses on the higher end!!!!!!! the top 1% now pay all the the bottom 99% will be helping to pay taxes!!!!!!SIMPLE MATH!!!!!

      • No one at the bottom of the income scale is getting 20 grand in refunds. You need to go back to school and relearn math. !5 pays all the taxes?? You really are foolish.

        • No, actually the top 1% pay a higher percentage, although on less adjusted income.
          They also invest in a strategy that outpaces both taxes and inflation.
          They pay their share, it’s just smart to show less taxable income.
          They would be idiots to do anything else.

          Those at the bottom claim enough dependents to never require withhholdings, and never pay any taxes. They get roughly 7K-9K in refunds that they never paid in to begin with. (family of 4)
          Basically, they get paid to work part time and breed.
          Thanks to Dem Jimmy Carter’s Earned Income Tax Credits.

          The middle class gets soaked through withholdings that are loaned to the government interest free for the year.
          Along with the hidden tax of inflation, plus 1000 other “parasitic” taxes everyone else pays, also.
          All with very few deductions to actually offset any of their income.

          END THE FED, return to sound money, and consider a SMALL flat consumption tax.

        • really?single mom claiming head of household with 6-8 kids (reading pa for sure) that only shows 15,000 in earnings?you might want to refigure YOUR math.8 grand alone in child tax credits.she’ll get around 18-20 grand back on her return.i know a mother of 5 that earned 26,000 and got back 13,000.this is where the fair tax works for all of us!!!!!!!

      • Only problem with that is, those on the bottom are already being subsidized.
        Where are they going to get money to pay taxes, (even 1%) without government upping their subsidies?

        It’s guaranteed Liberals will not rest until that 1% is offset with a 4% increase in public assistance.

        It’s smoke and mirrors, musical chairs.

        Bottom line, taxes service the debt, the debt is irredeemable, there is more debt than money to service it, we’re bankrupt, and Trump is an idiot.

      • The top 1% pay ~39% of the federal income tax burden. The top 50% pays 96%.

        Under the FairTax no one pays the FairTax up to the poverty level via the monthly prebate. After that it is according to how much you buy at the retail register on new items only.

        How does the prebate work?

        Under the FairTax, all Americans consume what they see as their necessities of life free of tax. While permitting no exemptions, the FairTax (HR25/S122) provides a monthly universal prebate to ensure that each family unit can consume tax free at or beyond the poverty level, with the overall effect of making the FairTax progressive in application. There is no marriage penalty as the couple gets twice the amount that a single adult receives.

        While everyone pays the same tax rate at the cash register, the prebate results in effective tax rates (annual taxes paid divided by annual spending) that increase as the level of spending increases a progressive tax rate structure. For example, a person spending at the poverty level has a 0% effective tax rate, whereas someone spending at twice the poverty level has an effective tax rate of 11.5%, and so on.

      • 25986 – These would be your marginal tax rates under the FairTax. It’s a technical paper but the charts at the very bottom are clear…

    • DrexelLake says:

      You suck dick dumbass.

      • Wow! So mature of you. Just like a right-wing fool, when you have absolutely nothing of substance all you can do is hurl idiotic insults. Grow up and try to learn something.

    • Well, we can say it sounds simple, but yes Dylan it won’t work. Check out the FairTax. No one pays the FairTax up to the poverty level, after that it’s according to how much you spend. Only new items are taxed eliminating double taxation on used items.

      Here’s the Kotlikoff paper on the FairTax marginal tax rates

  3. Allen Andress says:

    yes I love it!

    • pebbleintx says:

      When there is no need for the IRS all those funds can be thrown in to reduce the debt. And when more jobs are created that is more people making good money and more taxes paid so you need to factor in all those positives.

  4. pebbleintx says:

    I love it……….lets do it. The cost of accounting alone is a savings.

  5. partswizard says:

    great idea. so simple. with a balanced budget amendment government would have to shrink in size(fire 99% irs employees, end all government agencies not listed in the constitution(dept of ed, dod, epa etc..)). most government hand outs would be forced to end causing a lot of freeloaders to return to their original countries.

    • Can’t balance the budget.
      It’s absolutely mathematically impossible.

      Unless you advocate financing the budget, in which case it isn’t really a budget then, is it?

      We’ve been there for over 100 years, and “just making the payments” doesn’t work.

      • builder – Then you will like the FairTax…

      • partswizard says:

        sure a balanced budget is doable it just means spending only what you take in and not a penny more, cut 95% of government and ALL of its free-bees and America could do it. as far as our and the world debt – let the federal reserve bank and all the worlds bankers take that responsibility – they created the debt mess let them eat it..

        • So cut defense 90%?

          • partswizard says:

            no – cut departments like irs, epa, dept of education etc – return government to our constitutional limits of 18 federal responsibilities and defense is 1 of those federal obligations.

          • Defense is a 35% of the budget. Cutting the overall budget 95% (your number) only leaves 5%. 5/35=14.3% So you are right, it is only a cut of 85.7% if every other federal budget item was cut back to zero, even your other 17 “federal responsibilities”. Can you explain the discrepancy?

          • partswizard says:

            figure what dollar amount is needed to operate the 18 responsibilities assigned to the “Feds” by our constitution. that amount becomes our budget. if 35% of that goes to defense than 65% is left for the other 17 duties of the Fed. no discrepancy. by the way a hell of a lot that the feds do now either should not be happening or the states should be shouldering those responsibilities.

          • If you cut the federal budget 95% (your number) and keep defense at the same 35% (also your number) you are cutting defense 95% also. Do you really not understand the math?

        • Absolutely agree.
          Not too many people understand that the FED’s Debt isn’t the debt of the people.
          Glad some are starting to get that.

          I just don’t see Trump biting the hand that feeds him, though.

    • parts – It seems simple but it’s not and it doesn’t change anything.

      • partswizard says:

        I personally think Fair Tax would be best but I think Trumps proposal is more likely to be implemented than Fair Tax and I believe it would change things just not as thoroughly as Fair Tax would.

        • Trump’s plan keeps the IRS and the income tax in place ergo it doesn’t change a thing except reset the tax amendment counter back to zero – a career politician and lobbyists dream…

  6. Mark McDermott says:

    Flat tax has always been a good idea. Let’s hope.

  7. John Clevenger says:

    If we’re going to chamge ot, we should go to a consumption tax. This is the only tax that is fair amd is what was the original tax plan by out founding fathers. If you have a flat 11% federal sales tax on everything except groceries, then there is no reason to vary the tax rate based upon income. Those who make more spend more,.therefore they will pay more. Those who male less will buy less, therefore they will pay less. It would not come out of our paycheck and would only be paid when we spend. In this way, it is also in each person’s total control of hoe much they lay in taxes, and they will know it. More importantly, this would eliminate the need for the IRS. Donald’s plan still requires an IRS.

    • FairTax is the only way!

    • John – All of the percentages have already been figured out with the FairTax. Over $20 million in research is behind it.

      Under the FairTax corporate taxes go away. That means just about every corporation in the world would set up their manufacturing and HQs right here in America. Products would be available on global markets at prices less the embedded current taxes that amount to about 20%.

      Tax costs are treated just like any other business cost and result in 1) higher prices 2) fewer employees 3) lower wages and benefits 4) off shoring, or 5) bankruptcy. Businesses don’t pay taxes, at days end ‘We the people…’ pay all of the taxes!

      Each year under the corrupt, abusive, and invasive IRS income tax system it costs our economy about:

      — ~$250-350 billion in compliance costs
      — ~$250-550 billion ‘tax gap’ i.e. taxes owed but not paid
      — ~$125 billion that costs businesses just to plan/optimize their tax burden
      — ~$14 billion just to maintain the IRS bureaucracy
      — Since the IRS makes people into criminals, then who knows how much it costs to litigate and incarcerate scofflaws

      – There are trillions of American $$ and business assets that have fled off shore just to avoid IRS scrutiny and added tax costs.

      – It’s safe to say that if we go to the FairTax and get rid of the IRS that at least $1 trillion annually would be redirected into our economy more productively. It is estimated that when the FairTax is passed that about $3 trillion in U.S. $$ and business assets would be immediately repatriated…

      Support the FairTax House
      bill HR-25 Senate bill S.122

      • Except it isn’t, “fair”. The person that makes $99,999.99 pays $5,000. The guy that makes $100,000.00 (1 cent more) pays $10,000. How is it fair that the one who earns more ends up with much less? Consumption tax is the only fair tax. It gets everyone, drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes.. All those working for cash off of the books.

        • Common Sense says:

          Nothing in life is fair. Is it fair the guy who comes in .01 seconds faster in the Olympics get the gold and the other guy gets the silver? Yes, it is. There always is a cut off. As the cop says at 9 your fine and at 10 your mine.

        • I see your point, Kevin; however. that’s the time I tell my boss to cut my salary by five bucks a year. Cheers!

      • “That means just about every corporation in the world would set up their manufacturing and HQs right here in America”
        I don’t understand this statement. Why would every company pack up and move to the states to do business?? Oh yeah, greatest country in the world….snicker snicker..
        lets all pack up, leave these low wages behind that we have to pay, and lets move to the states where we can pay our employees more money, give them more benefits…..that just does not make sense to me.

    • Philip J Viavattine says:

      While I agree it would be a fair and equatable way to fund the Government I see two problems, 1. There will emerge a new business of sorts where the purchase of expensive items will vanish from the US and open up in foreign Countries. Canada would be salivating at the thought of selling high end products. Then the US would have to increase the Customs and Border Patrol to prevent bringing in products avoiding the sales tax. Presently I purchase my Dogs Meds from a Vet Supply in the UK because they sell it to me without me having to go to the Vet and paying their lab fee and exam fees well over $100.00 and then be able to buy it from them for twice the amount I pay. I get her checked at Pet Supermarket but they don’t write Rx’s. I have purchased items from sources all over the world as do many of the flea market dealers. Organized crime will have a field day with hijacked goods selling them through flea markets. 2. If they start with 11% they will spend every bit of that money and then some if we were to go to a National sales tax it would need to be lower much lower like 1 1/2 to 2% max and then only increase it when necessary. That would also eliminate the problems in (1.) There would be no incentive to avoid the tax.

      • Phil – The FairTax (not Trump’s or Paul’s plan) is actually a 23% tax on new items only at the point of sale. Since all IRS taxes, estimated at ~23%, are eliminated then a $100 blender will still be $100. Foreign sales are covered under the FairTax legislation available for viewing on-line – HR-25/S.122 The FairTax Act of 2015…

        The FairTax reduces rather than increases the problem of tax evasion.
        The increased fairness, transparency, and legitimacy of the system
        induces more compliance. The roughly 90-percent reduction in filers
        enables tax administrators more narrowly and effectively to address
        noncompliance and increases the likelihood of tax evasion discovery. The
        relative simplicity of the FairTax promotes compliance. Businesses need
        answer only one question to determine the tax due: How much was sold to
        consumers? Finally, because tax rates decrease, tax evasion is less
        profitable; and because of the dramatic reduction in the number of tax
        filers, tax evaders are more easily monitored and caught under the
        FairTax system.

    • I agree John- “Consumption Tax” is the fairest way to tax citizens. I also believe that the purchase of automobiles should only include sales tax twice- When they’re new and when they’re sold re-sold once… Why should we pay sales tax every time we purchase a motor vehicle? They gouge you when you buy one new and then the next owner pays tax again, and every time that vehicle, and they do last 150,000-200,000 now as opposed to 120,000 of past vehicles, is re-sold the Government wants more money! Enough already! Gouge us twice and then leave us alone!

      • A Consumption Tax that excludes sales by Individuals, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and others where actual individual people are selling and are personally culpable, is not only the best solution that preserves Life, Liberty and Property of sovereign individuals, but addresses the case above. Purchase from the manufacturing company is taxed, and from any retailer that is a Corporation. Individuals and privately owned non-corporate dealerships where the dealer is personally liable for fraud, negligence, injury or death from known faulty equipment would be all exempt. So would family farms, co-ops, vendors and corner the corner fruit stand.

      • Vindog – The whole object is to eliminate double taxation…

    • Maurice Adelmon says:

      Consumption tax is NOT fair (poor people pay more % of their income). And also it stiffles production since it slows consumption. Bad tax if there ever was one.

      A good tax is a land use tax. Expensive land (like in town) is taxed X% of maximal theoretical income per year. Forces land ownership churn and keeps land price low and puts the burden on the well off people/companies indifferently (treats people like companies by the way and the reverse).

      • Looking at percentage of income is irrelevant, the only actually fair option would be to charge every single individual the same exact dollar amount. Capitalism is supposed to reward additional effort/skill/knowledge/intelligence with additional income. Take advantage of your existing strengths and build on them if you feel you aren’t rich enough, rather than forcing others to metaphorically pay 10 times as much for the same pizza as you, just because they make twice as much money as you.

      • Maurice – Under the FairTax no one pays the FairTax up to the poverty level. This is accomplished via the monthly prebate. The prebate is explained at the FairTax website

    • Chloe Rowles says:

      Yes but a MUCH smaller IRS. There are no deductions, so they really don’t have anything to check. It will be handled more like our SS deductions. You send in your total earnings and you owe your percentage of that…..if it is payroll deduction, then your either pay more or get a refund depending on how much was withheld

  8. So simple, so effective, so efficient. At a loss for words. Trump dat ass!

    • I am in the Trump camp but there is absolutely no research behind this plan. The FairTax is the way to go, it has over $20 million in research behind it, it gets rid of the IRS altogether, is fair, and totally transparent. It’s already legislation pending in Congress with about 90 sponsors/cosponsors – HR-25/S.122 The FairTax Act of 2015.

      How would you apply Trumps plan to any large corporation? For example lets say a large company is barely breaking even or even functioning at a loss, then you add in 15% on total sales. How’s that going to work out for the economy? Ergo that large company won’t see a difference with this plan because any plan would have to take into account cost and that means paperwork. These plans appeal only to those that itemize and that is a very small percent.

      Second, as soon as it goes into effect the the tax code amendment counter would reset back to zero. An amendment is a loop hole given to a special interest group in exchange for campaign dollars. So under Trumps plan we keep the the politicians cash cow, the lobbyists still get paid, and nothing really changes.

      Under the FairTax all of this bullshit goes away including the IRS, all 74,000 pages of IRS tax code.

      The main resistance to the FairTax will come from the career
      politicians and the lobbyists who are retired career politicians their friends
      and family members. The lobbyists are paid lucrative salaries to provide
      ‘access’ to career politicians, Dems and Reps, who trade tax favors for campaign
      $$ and votes – they don’t want to kill their cash cow.

      If you like Trumps plan you will love the FairTax…

      • This plan will not pass legislation as many other bills. We have a DEAD Congress

      • A company does not pay income tax on total sale, that is sales tax… They pay income tax on profit. No profit no tax, lager the profit larger the tax. Now the 1000 employees and CEO’s making a wage at that large barely breaking even company will have to pay in a percentage of their income as income tax.

        • Let me put it another way – If a company is running at break even do they pay this tax and end with a loss? Exactly what income/revenue is taxed? It would have to be on after tax profit and that means, lawyers, accountants, and paper work. Under Paul’s plan nothing really changes and the IRS remains in place.

          Rand Paul’s plan like Trump’s plan has no research behind them…

          • Jonah Davis says:

            sir obviously you’re an idiot companies do not pay taxes because the consumers pay their one is taxed after tax money it doesn’t matter if you make profits or not you are taxed you can be taxed out of business dumbass!!you need to do a little research!!only non-profit businesses do not pay taxes because they are a charity business and do not make profits!!all other businesses have to pay taxes whether they make profits or not

          • toobored54 says:

            Consumers don’t pay corporations taxes, they purchase products from the corporations who in turn, pay the taxes if they make a profit. You are only taxed on profits, not earnings. If you make a milliion in earnings, and spend it all on new factories, or trucks or whatever, you are not taxed on that million. Thats why you hear complaints of “corporate welfare” but they’re really only just making their company bigger, and hiring more people, who pay income taxes on their earnings. Gubment gets their piece of the pie in any case.

        • Jonah Davis says:

          you have to pay taxes on all money earned it does not matter whether you spent the money in your company is broke or not if your company has earned money you have to pay taxes on that money and all businesses earn money And they don’t care if you don’t know how to do your finances you will pay taxes on all money earned.

    • Jay Jay – The devil is in the details. The object is to get rid of the IRS and the income tax forever. The only tax plan that accomplishes that is the FairTax.

      Research behind Trump’s plan ZERO

      Research behind the FairTax $20 million

  9. Disagree with Trump on this. He’s still thinking old school. We need a whole new way of looking at taxes. Abolish the IRS. Go to a consumption tax collected by the states. The states then send a pre-agreed upon percentage, say 10% to the Feds. The Feds need to get used to living off less money. They only need enough to fulfill their constitutional duties. Everything else is handled by the states. That’s it. No more. And as a consumptive tax, no one escapes paying. The wealthy pay more because they buy more, and more expensive, whereas the less wealthy and poor purchase less, and purchase cheaper items. Can’t get any fairer than that.

  10. This would cause me to pay more in taxes. We pay about 8.8% in taxes after deductions. This would have me paying 10% which means less money in my pocket which is the exact opposite of what he’s saying this flat rate plan would do for people.

  11. Remy Lynne says:

    Under such a plan, I would see a 13% tax break. That would leave me with extra income to spend, bolstering the economy. And I’m not the only one. The govt is a bloated, overfed beast ready to rupture, it needs to lean out, trim the fat and handle the essentials. Less money for the govt, more for the economy!

    • Michael Richards says:

      But how much less money for the govt? That’s a key question I still can’t find an answer for. It’s easy to say, ‘well, to hell with the government, cut them off’, but experience tells us that cutting spending is almost impossible with either party.

  12. A friend of mine once told me we’ll never have tax reform in this country because we’ll put a whole industry (accountants) out of business.

  13. There is absolutely no research behind Trumps tax plan. It is rife with unintended consequences, sounds simple but isn’t, and keeps the IRS in place.

    The FairTax has been vetted for a decade or more and has over $20 million in research behind it, is simple, transparent, and best of all gets rid of the IRS and sets in motion the repeal of the 16th Amendment (income tax).

    Much of the research, and information about the FairTax, can be found at

  14. This isn’t a tax plan its a christmas wish list. The tax rates are what they are at because the nation has expenses it has to pay. You can’t just write pretty numbers on a piece of paper and call it a tax plan without having a discussion about what your willing to give up to make these numbers a reality.

  15. Brad Baber says:

    This is the most vague and incomplete tax plan (if you can even call it a plan) I’ve heard. So what happens to the tax code? Are there still deductions? How can it be on a post card if you still have to report all of your income streams? How does this plan broaden the base? You cannot lower the rates and still collect the same amount of money unless you broaden the base. This not a thought plan. It’s incomplete and does not answer basic questions. The only plan that work effectively is the FairTax. Basing tax on income leads right back to the messed up system we have today. You cannot “fix” the income tax. It always morphs back to what it is today.

  16. Brad Baber says:

    There is a saying among the FairTaxer’s – “Once you understand it, YOU WILL DEMAND IT!” Trump needs to prove he understand the FairTax and then articulate why he does or does not support it. Invariably non supporters either DO NOT understand it, or they are gaming the current system. Surprisingly, many high level politicians and candidates do not understand it despite it having been around since 1996. Many will depend on some staffer telling them a quick sound bite about it, which usually turns out to be an incomplete explanation or complete misinformation. What is amazing is that can explain it and answer every question about it in 10 minutes, but these “professionals” don’t take the time to inform themselves. Then they go out in the public and say something against it which is totally false and shows that they are either uninformed or lying to push an agenda. It’s really pathetic. I’ve personally cornered two House reps and quite a number of my state officials who all when asked claim to understand the FairTax. When I press them I tell them that I’m not trying to “gotcha”, but rather just want to know if you really understand. They will never admit they do not, but as I question them it is clear they do not understand it. So I attempt to explain to them, but you can tell most don’t really want to be informed. A few do. Invariably those that do understand it have to acknowledge it’s merit. The only hindrance at that point to full support is their loyalty to their special interest supporters who many not want them to support the FairTax. And that is the conflict of interest between the peoples interest that they are supposed to represent and the special interests and their own political careers which are most often their true interest.

    • The main resistance to the FairTax will come from the career politicians and the lobbyists who are retired career politicians their friends and family members. The lobbyists are paid lucrative salaries to provide ‘access’ to career politicians, Dems and Reps, who trade tax favors for campaign $$ and votes – they don’t want to kill their cash cow.

      The FairTax gets rid of the IRS once and for all and sets in motion the repeal of the 16th Amendment…

  17. Harry Dusenberg says:

    We need this man so much God help him win smart and a man of action not bovine feces!!!@!

  18. you want write offs too ,isnt that part of what is complicating the system? especially corporate write offs where they end up making money instead of paying their fair share. one major issue that needs to be addressed like he said is how the government spends money , it is ridiculous.

  19. The IRS hasn’t proven to the American People that it can be objective, accurate, fair and sufficient. There is no reason to continue having IRS. Obviously, the need for change is evident.

  20. Susan Merrifield says:

    Math is definitely not my strong point, and I was wondering if some of you who seem to have a better grasp on this subject could answer something for me. What will keep the government from raising the taxes on necessary human needs such as gas, utilities, clothing, etc. to exorbitant levels? How would this affect property tax? Would our dear old folk get a break? I’m talking about those who have reached 80 or more years?

  21. Never gonna happen John. The reason is that the bleeding heart liberals are going to have conniption fit and going around screaming the sky is falling because they will claim…ready for this…it will have a DISPARATE IMPACT on the poor. I think Steve Forbes’ flat tax even had a way to refund the sales taxes paid by the “poor”. I don’t like it, but it ain’t up to me.

  22. If you’re going to change it, the top bracket should start at 250 and be higher – up to 50%.

    Top bracket under Reagan was 50% folks. 50%….

    Time to shut up about your taxes until the debt is under control. Also, can’t pay off the debt anyhow until banking system entirely restructured.

    So sick and tired of rich people yacking on about how they create jobs. Taxes been at near historic lows even, and wealthy just sit on advantage. They do not create jobs. They hoard resources and refuse to let others compete.

  23. Philip J Viavattine says:

    I’m retired and in the 30-100K bracket and I’ll take the 5% all day long and no deductions and no costly Tax guy to fill out my taxes every year. Yea that sounds pretty good to me.

  24. allan couch says:

    One half of one percent, and no more Irs, and America would be the bride again…

  25. falling321 says:

    The genius of Trump’s plan is that there is no need for a ‘prebate’ of taxes to the poor. Both the flat and fair tax require monthly checks to be sent to low income households in order to refund the taxes they will be paying that month. Trump’s plan brings the tax on the poorest American’s down to one percent with no deductions and not ‘prebate’. Every one should have some skin in the game, even if it is only one percent!

    • falling – FIrst off you do not understand the FairTax. Second, there is no ‘flat tax’ – it doesn’t exist in any form of legislation. The poorest Americans right now do not pay income taxes. It’s hard to argue against the FairTax that untaxes everyone up to the poverty level making the FairTax perfectly fair.

      You want to raise the taxes on the “upper classes”. How stupid. Right now the top 1% of income earners pay 39% of federal taxes and the top 50% pay 96% of the federal income taxes.

      What you don’t understand that every dollar taxed is another non productive dollar taken out of the economy.

      And what’s going to happen immediately after this monstrosity goes into effect? Congress will start adding amendments i.e. loop holes in exchange for campaign dollars. The FairTax eliminates this bullshit…

  26. ClipperFlight says:

    Sorry, Trump is just the wrong man for the job.

  27. One important modification of the FairTax: only tax goods from Corporations. Individuals, sole perpriatorships and partnerships where individual people are selling and are personally legally culpable are exempt from sales taxes. Why? Because sovereign individuals should never have their property confiscated in any manner including tax. Corporations are Government created ‘persons’, and are logically subject to tax in exchange for Goverment created so-called ‘rights’, limited liability, lobby, etc.

  28. I like a consumption tax, but the time and money getting it passed could take a long time. Rand Paul’s 14.5% flat tax (with under $50k exemption) will reduce the size of the IRS, to just process a postcard sized filing from every business and individual. Check the math and done. It could probably even done electronically.
    No loopholes, no huge list of deductions, exemptions etc. No lawyers, no bureaucracy, IRS – totally de-powered. That would then lead to a much easier path to a consumption or fair tax. If we could reduce the size of federal govt, relegating most everything to the states (where it constitutionally, belongs) we may could eventually have a No Federal Tax.

    • You have to be kidding right? A flat tax might make it easier for those few who itemize but what about businesses for example: They have to deduct business costs – cost of goods sold – to reckon what their after cost profit would be, so nothing would change for them. Plus, the income tax and IRS stays in place. The object of tax reform ought to be getting rid of the income tax and IRS. The only viable tax plan that does that is the FairTax

  29. Now this is the type of CHANGE and HOPE we need in our country. NOW THE CHANGE that the Stupid son-of-a-bitch Obama is making our country into! He wants to just give everything away STEAL from all those that WORK hard or are Rich making them poorer and giving it to Foreign Illegals that are flooding the NATION!!!! Its a breath of fresh air to hear the comments of a TRUE American talking and wanting to TAKE our county back from the idiot liberal and the jack as OBAMA and his Administration! I would also like to see Term Limits imposed on Congress following how the president is elected. But these Tax Changes would make a GREAT difference, and its easy! Great Going Trump!!!!

  30. Put Donald in the Cabinet where he can advise and be useful! He is obnoxious and egotistical! There are ALOT of issues out there and whoever occupies the White House must be able to listen and accept good sound advice from others rather than screaming “you’re fired”!! Just because he may have some good ideas doesn’t make him presidential material!!

    • Trump didn’t make billions by by screaming “you’re fired”. Trump surrounds himself with some of the smartest people on the planet and knows how to pull a team of competent people together. No other candidate has his skill set in this regard.

      You might want to read one of his books to understand how he thinks and how he got to where he is at. The guy is a business genius (his tax plan sucks but he has to put something out there for now).

  31. Maurice Adelmon says:

    That’s not a tax plan, it’s a slogan. I’m for Trump because I hate everyone else (politicians) but in all fairness the tax code needs a bit more work than 4 lines of text. What about non profits ? Or Churches ? Or people with a home business ?

    There are lots of cases hence lots of pages of code.

    • Since Trump’s plan doesn’t get rid of the IRS then it will reset the amendment counter back to zero – a career politicians dream. Right now there are about 70,000 pages of IRS tax code amendment. Amendments are procured by lobbyists who have access to the politicians. They trade tax favors (amendments) for campaign dollars and votes. We want the the FairTax because it gets rid of the IRS and the tax code thus no longer the need for amendments.

      The idea of any new tax plan ought to be to get rid of the income tax and the IRS…

  32. what if i made 30001, would i still have to pay 5%? there should be more rates to be fair to the inbetween income earners.

  33. sounds simple to me. you make 100 grand, and you pay a few bucks.

  34. Wendy Mazaros says:

    It is a perfect and simply plan. Love it….

  35. Mundo Lopez says:

    How about the one’s who live on Social Security only? are we going to get a raise also?

  36. Richard Embrey Sr. says:

    On a flat tax I don’t think you get write offs.

  37. So if I make 30,001, my tax liability goes up 4%? I say go with the FairTax with which I would have 0% tax liability to start off, no matter how much I made…..

  38. Moses Martinez says:

    I have been saying all along. This man is very smart and this tax plan will make everyone happy.

  39. Amanda Rivera says:

    It honestly doesn’t matter what is done with our tax code right away. What matters first and foremost is getting the government spending under control. If you can’t get rid of the lobbyists and the special interest groups and the wasteful spending and cut spending and balance the budget, well our tax dollars are actually needed at the rate they are now and even higher, just to bail out our kids future. But, then we’d have to stop the loopholes, so the rich wouldn’t get out of paying more. But that would hurt the rest of us, too. He’s covering things backwards.

    • Amanda – Under the IRS it takes about $1 to collect $8. We want the FairTax because it eliminates the IRS and 75,000 pages of tax code, repatriates trillions of $$, and redirects about $1 trillion annually more productively back into our economy.

      Under the FairTax corporate taxes go away. That means just about every corporation in the world would set up their manufacturing and HQs right here in America. Products would be available on global markets at prices less the embedded current taxes that amount to about 20%.

      Be mindful that tax costs are treated just like any other business cost and result in 1) higher prices 2) fewer employees 3) lower wages and benefits 4) off shoring, or 5) bankruptcy. Businesses don’t pay taxes, at days end ‘We the people…’ pay all of the taxes!

      As for government spending each year under the corrupt, abusive, and invasive IRS income tax system it costs our economy about:

      — ~$250-350 billion in compliance costs –
      — ~$250-550 billion ‘tax gap’ i.e. taxes owed but not paid
      — ~$125 billion that costs businesses just to plan/optimize their tax burden
      — ~$14 billion just to maintain the IRS bureaucracy
      — Since the IRS makes people into criminals, then who knows how much it costs to litigate and incarcerate scofflaws

      – There are trillions of American $$ and business assets that have fled off shore just to avoid IRS scrutiny and added tax costs.
      – It’s safe to say that if we go to the FairTax and get rid of the IRS that at least $1 trillion annually would be redirected into our economy more productively. It is estimated that when the FairTax is passed that about $3 trillion in U.S. $$ and business assets would be immediately repatriated…

      Support the FairTax House bill HR-25 Senate bill S.122 “The FairTax Act of 2015”

      Prove it on PopVox.

  40. Robert Thomas Heiart says:

    I like (the fair tax) it will tax all americans. Even drug dealers and hookers would pay taxes. You can bet they aren’t paying now

  41. Common Sense says:

    We would save 23% on our DBA taxes every year! That’s over $18000, or 30 MONTHS RENT!!

  42. Jarrett Vice says:

    people are so gullible… if you actually do the math the majority of single people making around minimum wage pay 25% taxes from their paycheck. your allready paying more than any person as rich as trump, no where has he said he would close loopholes that allow the rich like him to get away with ZERO taxes by donating to charities, and other contributions. its not going totake the burden off the poor , its just going to increase the debt america owes when we have to borrow even more to sustain the GNP we’re currently spending when all the rich are paying zero and the poor and middle class are paying even less. the money has to come from somewhere. bernie sanders plan makes a hell of alot more sense and can actually be backed up with math not “generous contributions”

    • Jarrett – Under the FairTax (not Trump’s or Paul’s tax plan) the IRS goes away and all 75,000 pages of IRS tax code is rescinded. Ergo there are no more loop holes and 50% of all lobbying is tax lobbying comes to an end – obviously the career politicians and the lobbyists won’t like the FairTax…

  43. This guy is just throwing out numbers. He hasn’t given this any thought at all, it just sounds nice. I prefer Rand Paul’s Tax Plan. 15.4% (individual and corporate) with the elimination of tariffs and other sales taxes as well which would bring down prices and increase your buying power. He also leaves allowances for mortgages alone so that you can still write off your home. <— or something like that.

  44. Thomas Griffiths says:

    Why aren’t conservatives, real conservatives, concerned about the fact that Donald Trump owns a casino? I thought gambling was a vice and morally reprehensible! Where’s the consistency?

  45. Ben Carson has the correct idea. EVERYONE pay 10%. No loopholes, no deductions. Everyone pays their own even share. Go Ben Carson for President!!!

  46. Michael Richards says:

    I’ve looked and looked and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s done the math on what the difference in revenues would be under Trump’s system vs the current tax code. I think that’s pretty important. I mean if the reduction in revenue is minimal, it might work, but if it’s more than say 10%, then there are issues of what programs will be cut. Do we start with the defense budget? Medicare? Anyhow, it would be great to know what the Trump plan would cost. If he could demonstrate minimal cost, he has my vote and I’m as nauseatingly liberal a a dem can be.

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