WHAT School Tied Around HEAD Of 7-Year-Old With DOWN SYNDROME In Name Of COVID Will Make You FURIOUS!


Florida educators allegedly tied a mask on a 7-year-old non-verbal girl who suffers from Down Syndrome’s head for weeks despite the danger that they put her in. Then one day as her father, Jeffrey Steele went to meet her as she got off the bus, he saw that his daughter Sophia had a mask on which was unusual. Because she never had it on when she got home. As he inspected her, Jeffrey found that the mask was fastened to her head and he got very angry.

She was frightened and her mask was damp with saliva and her father’s blood began to boil.


Jeffrey said:

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“I was so angry, so I waited four days from Thursday 7th to Tuesday after Columbus Day because I really need to calm down. When this child got off the bus and had the mask it was tied around the back of her head underneath her ponytail and it was quite tight around her face.”

Her father had believed that his daughter was exempt from the mask mandate because of her severe disability, but the mask Nazis do not recognize common sense. Sophie has an enlarged tongue and has to breathe primarily through her mouth, so the mask being tied on her places her life in danger, especially since she cannot speak.

Steele said:


“Medically, she could aspirate. She could asphyxiate all sorts of medical things that could happen and because of her breathing because of her enlarged tongue could cause seizures.”

From The Blaze:

State Representative Randy Fine (R) blasted educators and the school board for forcibly masking the girl with Down syndrome.

Fine said Steele went to the school for answers about his daughter having a mask tied to her head.

“And he found out that they didn’t do it that day, they had tied this mask around her face every single day for the previous six weeks that she was in school,” Fine said. “They just forgot to take it off that day before they sent her home.”

Fine said the teacher and the principal told Sofia’s parents that they were instructed to have all students wear face masks by the school board.

“There’s a special place in hell for the three people who did this to this girl,” Fine said during a meeting last week. “This girl experienced real child abuse at the hands of the Brevard County School Board, and I will tell you this: this Session, there’s going to be hell to pay for the people who did that.”



Father of child with Down syndrome says mask was tied around his daughter’s head

Ocean Breeze Elementary School is located in Brevard County, which implemented a mask mandate on Aug. 30, and recently extended the policy until Oct. 29. The county’s mask mandate defied the executive order by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis banning students from being required to wear masks in school and allowing the parents to decide, which was later blocked by a federal judge.

This is just another example of how the government is determined to control every aspect of our lives- no matter what it takes.

The father also set up a crowdfunding campaign on GiveSendGo titled “Sofia’s rights,” which states: “All proceeds raised from this fundraising campaign will help offset the legal costs necessary in taking on the school and our local government.” The campaign has raised nearly $85,000 at the time of publication.

Here’s the statement from the crowdfunding campaign:

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Sofia’s Rights
Campaign Created by: Jeffrey Steel

*UPDATE* We are completely overwhelmed by the love and support that has been showed us. Thank you! We are raising Sofia’s legal fund goal to $200,000 to meet the legal challenges before us. As you all know, the government has access to our tax dollars to litigate against us. We have yet to hear anything from the Brevard County School Board. However, we will not give up this legal action for Sofia. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers.

On October 7th, our daughter Sofia stepped off of the school bus with a mask tied to her face with a nylon rope. Sofia has Downs Syndrome, and at seven years old, is nonverbal. Due to her condition, her tongue is enlarged. With the mask tied to her face, she was unable to breathe properly and unable to express her distress. My wife recognized Sofia’s panic, her face covered causing her breathing to be restricted, blocking her ability to say “memai,” then comforted Sofia after removing her mask and taking pictures of the rope tied around Sofia’s head to secure a mask to her face. The mask was totally wet from her saliva.

The school put Sofia’s health and possible life at risk. For what? Her teachers and the school principal know about Sofia’s condition, and we sent her to school assured that she would not be masked due to the danger it could pose to her. After focusing first on Sofia, and taking some time to control our rage and anger at the school and the teachers for having taken such cruel action, we confronted the school principal and the teacher the following week. At that meeting, they admitted to having tied the mask to Sofia’s face using the nylon cord and admitted that this has been happening without our knowledge since the mask policy was put in place. The school could not explain what drove them to such madness. Unbelievably, their concern at that meeting seemed to be to keep things quiet.

We have decided that Sofia’s story must be told. Across the state of Florida, and throughout the entire country, schools have and continue to act inhumanely by masking children that have medical conditions or other deficits that make the forced masking unsafe and ill-advised. If these schools cared about the children trusted to their care, they would act decently and recognize that concerns over Covid-19 cannot make them blind to the real and immediate needs of our children.

Florida’s Parents’ Bill of Rights is supposed to protect us from seeing Sofia treated like a second-class citizen, her health concerns and fears disregarded by the school, but Sofia’s school disregarded her rights and our rights as our parents to make appropriate health care decisions for Sofia. First among those, as any parent can understand, is to ensure Sofia can breathe and is dealt with as the beautiful seven year old girl that she is. Since the Parents’ Bill of Rights means nothing to Sofia’s school, we have been in contact with Governor Ron DeSantis’ office, the Florida Board of Education, and Florida Senator Debbie Mayfield. We hope that the Governor and the Florida Board of Education will take appropriate action to ensure nothing like what happened to Sofia ever occurs again to another child in Florida.

Even more shocking, the school violated the Brevard County School Board’s so-called “Emergency K-12 Face Covering Requirement” by masking Sofia. The policy says that face coverings shall not be required for children with IEP or 504 plans documenting medical, physical or psychological contraindications. By the plain language of the policy, we trusted that the school would not mask Sofia. The School District placed Sofia at Ocean Breeze Elementary because of their resources for children like Sofia with special needs. We thought when we put her on the bus each morning that they were looking after her, not abusing her. How wrong we were.

We have decided not to sit by and wait to see what comes of the government’s investigation. We believe that parents like us must stand up for our rights and stand up for our children when those that we have trusted to care for and educate our children overstep and act so cruelly and inhumanely. To that end, we are raising funds so that we can take legal action against the school directly. We humbly ask for your support as we seek justice. We have retained Greg Anderson and Nick Whitney of AndersonGlenn LLP to represent us. All proceeds raised from this fundraising campaign will help offset the legal costs necessary in taking on the school and our local government. To the extent funds raised exceed our legal costs, we will make a donation to a charity or non-profit advocating for special needs children.

October is Downs Syndrome Awareness Month and we humbly ask for your help in supporting our case to end the tyranny of the Brevard County School Board. This madness must stop and the school must be held accountable for its abusive actions. On behalf of Sofia and all special needs children, especially those with Downs Syndrome, we are grateful for your support and prayers.

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