BREAKING NEWS From The State Troopers At The BORDER- This Is An Extremely Important Report With Bombshell VIDEO

Breitbarts- WATCH: State Troopers Hold Back Migrant Border Rush in Texas

With all of the insanity flooding our nation on a daily basis, the national crisis at our nations southern border is seemingly getting lost when it comes to news coverage about what is actually happening.


It is almost as if mainstream media is flooding our nation with propaganda that purposely chooses to ignore the illegal aliens and how our current government is shipping them all across our nation on a daily basis.

Breitbart reports that State troopers from Nebraska and Florida joined Texas Department of Public Safety personnel and U.S. Border Patrol agents to hold a large group surge of Haitian and Venezuelan migrants at a barrier in Del Rio.

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Fox News’ Bill Melugin tweeted videos showing a group of hundreds of migrants attempting to push their way through a border barrier in Del Rio on Monday. The videos show troopers from Florida, Nebraska, and Texas coordinating with Border Patrol agents to help hold the group back.

A law enforcement source within Customs and Border Protection tells Breitbart Texas that nearly 500 migrants, mostly Haitians and Venezuelans, entered the United States on Monday. The source reports that “it’s not one single group–nearly 500 have crossed early this morning in an unstoppable wave.”

Our nation is currently claiming that we have a new COVID variant D and how it is far deadlier than the original pandemic, yet the illegal aliens forcing their way into our nation are not even tested for ANY viruses.

While that is not the topic of this article, it is an interesting fact that is being ignored by our government and the propaganda machines that call themselves “mainstream news”.

Breitbart continued, Texas Governor Greg Abbott also sounded off on the incident Monday.

“In less than seven months, President Biden’s dangerous and reckless open border policies have created a magnet for illegal immigrants, with 20-year record-high numbers surging across our southern border,” Governor Abbott said Monday. “This latest wave of hundreds of migrants rushing our border gates in Del Rio creates chaos for border officials and law enforcement, which is exactly what cartels and smugglers want.”

“Cartels, drug smugglers, and human traffickers are profiting off of the chaos as they overwhelm and divert our nation’s resources so they can smuggle drugs, weapons, criminals, and other contraband across our border,” the Texas governor continued. “Our brave Texas law enforcement, and law enforcement providing support from other states like Florida and Nebraska, are working diligently to uphold the rule of law and fill the gaps created by President Biden and Border Czar Harris. As the Biden Administration continues to abandon their duties to this nation, Texas is stepping up with our state partners to secure our southern border and protect Texans and Americans alike.”

The Florida and Nebraska troopers are at the Texas border in response to an emergency declaration and call for assistance made by Texas Governor Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey in June. As reported by Breitbart Texas, the governors called on their peers to send law enforcement resources to help secure the border.

“When it comes to the Biden Administration’s open-border disaster, our greatest need is for additional law enforcement personnel and equipment,” the two border-state governors wrote in the June 10 letter. The governors said that under the emergency declaration and governors’ compact, these law enforcement officers will have the full legal authority to arrest migrants for illegally entering the United States.

Over the weekend, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined Governor Abbott in Del Rio for a briefing on the emergency situation along the border, Breitbart reported. DeSantis expressed surprise at how many of the Venezuelan migrants being apprehended were headed to his state of Florida.

“I think those numbers are eye-popping,” the Florida governor said. “The number of these people coming across illegally, who are telling folks that their destination is Florida, obviously I knew we were going to get some, but I didn’t think it’d be a majority.”

The Biden administration is responsible for eradicating our National Security at our borders as well as erasing everything former President Trump implemented to protect our nation and its citizens.

This in itself should be at the forefront of the GOP and our nation, yet it is clouded by critical race theory indoctrination, infrastructure and global warming propaganda.

Americans need to become more involved on a daily basis about what is actually going on and standing up and speaking out against the Marxism and corruption currently taking place.

Republican lawmakers need to get off their asses and stop this insanity.



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