DREAMer Brutally Murdered Aspiring Marine After What She DEMANDED He Do For Her



An aspiring Marine was brutally murdered by a woman he believed to be a love interest, but it turns out everything he thought he knew about her was wrong.

Joshua McKinney had taken 19-year-old Yvonne Raquel Ramirez out on a date for New Year’s Eve in Texas, but things took a turn for the worse late in the evening. The pair had been seeing one another for some time, however, what he thought was a blossoming relationship was really nothing more than an elaborate scheme to extort him for money.

According to KTRK, Ramirez had learned of McKinney’s gun collection during the time the pair had been seeing one another. After gaining his trust, she stole all of his weapons, then early in the morning she demanded a ransom of $2,000 to get them back.

McKinney had no interest in paying Ramirez a cent to get his own weapons back, especially after she used sex and the allure of attraction to gain his trust. However, he agreed to meet her at 4:30 a.m., and that’s when things went extremely bad.

From KTRK:

Prosecutors revealed Ramirez established a plan to rob Joshua McKinney of his guns. The two recently met and had been spending time together.

She allegedly demanded $2,000 in exchange for the weapons’ return. The two met off Mizell Street. That’s when things turned violent.

A witness told detectives McKinney put Ramirez in a neck hold and held a pistol to her head. The witness ran to call 911. Moments later, the witness heard gunfire.

McKinney was dead in the street. Ramirez had been shot in the shoulder.

She told officers it was self-defense. She said the gun dropped, fired and killed McKinney. Prosecutors told ABC13 the story didn’t add up.

The reason her story didn’t add up is because it was a complete lie. Not only did the cold-hearted woman take McKinney’s weapon from him and kill him, but she stole his wallet before trying to move his body to a place nobody could find it, witnesses said.

“Josh come beating on the door saying someone was after him,” Chaplin told Fox 26. “And then he ran back out, and just a sec—it all happened between 4 and by 4:30 the police were here. It all happened so quick.”

Now, Ramirez is being held on a $50,000 bond while she recovers in the hospital, and a member of the elite 1 percent of our nation willing to die for our freedom lost his life prematurely to the greed of a Hispanic immigrant.

Meanwhile, the left continues to try to tell us how immigration is such a good thing for our nation.

Tell that to the parents of this poor young man.



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