Drunk Muslim Runs From Cops, What K9 Does Makes Him WISH He Got Mauled Instead


A drunken Muslim led police on an 85 mph chase which ended with the Muslim crashing his Ford Fiesta into a parked car. He got out of his mangled economy car and tried to flee on foot. Big mistake.

Here’s why.

The cops released their German Shepherd canine officer on the Muslim and when the dog caught the guy, he got a little ‘special’ treatment from the horny animal! LOL!!!

Yes folks, they got well acquainted! 


As Osama Ansi tried to flee the crash scene the police dog was hot on his trail, wrapping its paws around his waist and dragging him to the ground, Express reports.

Ansi, 29, was quickly arrested after he was released from the dog’s amorous clutches.

Video footage, played at Birmingham Crown Court, showed the moment the enthusiastic pooch caught his criminal as he lay on the ground.

Apparently the dog was aroused by the drunken Muslim and proceeded to HUMP him! 

Prosecutor Mark Phillips said, “Unbeknown to the defendant there was a dog van following the car. How can I say it?”

“The defendant and the dog became closely acquainted, somewhat closely attached for some time.”

It seems that Ansi smelled like an animal which aroused the police dog.

Video of the sexual encounter was shown during his trial, which had to be humiliating at best.

The drunken Muslim was sentenced to 12 months behind bars. Maybe the police dog can come pay him a visit!


God Bless. 

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