BREAKING NEWS Out Of FRANCE- Eiffel Tower On LOCKDOWN… Massive Police Presence

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France has grown more dangerous each year ever since liberal policies began to dominate their migration centers. Now, unfortunately, the most iconic French monument is in danger—the Eiffel Tower.

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After years of letting in millions of unvetted migrants, refugees, and immigrants, it’s no wonder that France isn’t what it used to be. What was once known as the city of love, is now quickly becoming a cesspool filled with gang-related graffiti, terrorist attacks, and stabbing sprees.


Unfortunately, this event only confirms this fact. Just now, tourists were locked inside of the Eiffel Tower amidst a terror alert, sounded by locals who saw someone “acting weird.” Daily Mail reports that police have desperately tried to get a grip on the situation, but are struggling to find the culprit:

Tourists were locked inside the Eiffel Tower and the Eurostar evacuated amid a Paris terror alert involving someone who was ‘acting weird’ this evening.


People took to social media to share images of the popular tourist attraction shut off and surrounded by police.

One person is believed to have been arrested.

Initial reports said the person was carrying a weapon, with some social media users mentioning both a ‘gun’ and a ‘knife’, but these have not been confirmed.

A police cordon surrounded the area as officers stopped people from getting close to the landmark in Paris.

One twitter user asked what was going on at the Eiffel Tower, saying that everything has “been shut down.” Another tourist told the Mirror that they’re “stuck in one of the legs outside the lift,” claiming that he’d been locked in.

According to sources, it’s a total lock down. This has not been confirmed by officials, strangely enough, who have been eerily quiet on the matter. Visitors and tourists have been panicking without any sort of clear guidance from law enforcement, and it’s unclear whether the Eiffel Tower is in danger of being bombed or not.

Tourists were left in a state of panic at the Eiffel Tower tonight after a man acting suspiciously led to the famous landmark being evacuated.

Visitors were trapped in the tower lifts as police dealt with the suspect.

Initial reports suggested that the incident involved a weapon, but this was not confirmed.

A witness who said he was at the base of the tower said the whole area was cleared.

Officials claimed that they found a “suspicious item,” near the Eiffel Tower, but it is unclear what this suspicious item is. Unfortunately, not much information is available despite widespread panic occurring throughout France in regards to their beloved monument.

France has been victim of a string of ISIS-related terrorist attacks in the past two years, most notably the November 2015 events which killed over 130 people. Although officials haven’t commented on whether Islamic terror is to blame for this event, many suspect that it may in fact be the case.

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