Watch As BLACK THUG Brutally Beats The HELL Out Of Elderly White Man With Walker- What Happens NEXT Will Make You FURIOUS!


NYC– Police are have arrested and charged a Black thug brutally attacking a 77-year-old White man in the Bronx.

Can you say HATE CRIME?


While Biden, the dems, Merrick Garland and others have made the ludicrous claim that “white supremacists” and other “right wing extremists” are the biggest threat in America NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Frankly I see a hell of a lot more Blacks committing violent crimes than Whites.

Take this savage attack caught on video for example.

Geraldo Cabeza who is 79-years-old was savagely beaten outside of his home in an attempted robbery in broad daylight. Edgar Wilson- a useless black thug is a 35 year old animal.



From Daily Mail:

Cabeza told Bronx 12: ‘He kept beating me and beating me and I said please stop it.

‘I don’t argue with anyone. I’m an old man, I’m 79 years old. I don’t start arguing with people. He just came out of nothing and started beating me up.’

The victim spent a day in hospital before he returned to the home he has lived in for 50 years.

Cabeza said he has seen the attacker around the neighborhood before.

He told NBC New York: ‘I’m gonna leave. I’m gonna get out of here. I live here for 50 years. 50 years.

‘It’s very important because I’m glad they arrested, because the police showed me they are doing something.’

Cabeza’s neighbors said they were shocked to see the man who sits on his front step and greets people every day getting beaten up.

Local resident Mirka Caro Rivera said: ‘When the people walk in the street he says bye, hello, God bless you. He’s a very good person, so I feel so sad about that.’

Jesse Martin at 100 Percent FED Up reports that the attack left Cabeza blind in one eye and is part of a continuously rising trend of violent crime across the nation, especially in New York City.

Suspiciously few of these attacks are carried out by alleged or self-described “white supremacists” or “right wing extremists.” Nope. Edgar Wilson certainly doesn’t look like a white supremacist either.

All sorts of violent crime are up across the US under Biden’s regime. Rapes, police killings, violent robberies, and shootings are all higher now than ever under Trump. This is reversing a 20+ year trend of falling violent crime rates.

Cabeza is just one of countless victims of this seemingly endless crime-wave where. Where’s the outrage over a man viciously beating an elder to the point of causing blindness in one eye? Where was the outrage over 2020’s summer of riots? Over all of the other attacks of this variety which happen in New York City and elsewhere due to Biden’s negligent approach to crime?

There is none, because the media and this administration would rather focus on the rare but atrocious acts of violence committed by “white supremacists.”

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And now, Biden switches focus to Trump supporters and the “MAGA crowd” while ignoring his own supporters–the radical left–and their acts of violence and intimidation, which far outnumber those of conservative patriots.

That’s a FACT!

Let’s hope this thug is charged with a hate crime and gets locked away in prison for a long time!

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God Bless.

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