ELECTION EVE BOMBSHELL: Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Clinton Had THESE 2 People SNUFFED OUT…


They say the truth always comes out and Wikileaks has most definitely cast a harsh light of undeniable TRUTH on the darkly, disturbing Hillary campaign. As many of us know and have known for some time, Hillary’s campaign is comprised of extremely wealthy elites. Wikileaks has brought that out in startling display and shown Hillary and company to exist in an avant-garde world filled with bizarre ritualistic practices that play out like a fantastical plot out of a foreign snuff film.

Everything from pay to play scams designed to make the Clinton family infinitely more wealthy to satanic rituals called Spirit Cooking to accusations of pedophilia, human trafficking, and murder.  You can’t make this stuff up folks! It’s all weaved throughout the Wikileaks email data drop and it shows the stark reality of the Hillary campaign like a tapestry of dark and sinister perversion.


As many know and many have speculated with regard to the Clinton body count, Wikileaks reveals what could be one the biggest BOMBSHELLS yet!  Analysts at an intelligence firm believe that Hillary had one-time Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster murdered – this rumor has plagued the Clintons for decades. Now we may also have information with regard to another body to be laid squarely among the Clinton body count — Ron Brown.

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Note that the “Ron Brown” referred to in the above email is the Secretary of Commerce – pictured below —



Please take note that the email makes mention and clearly states that Ron’s assassination had the “earmarks” of Hillary’s “method of disposal…” of a “talkative” secretary of commerce. It seems a rather interesting choice of words, wouldn’t you say? Some may consider that an “off the cuff” comment but those comments led to further discussion regarding Vince Foster’s murder. I don’t think it’s “off the cuff” at all and certainly not happenstance once the totality of the Foster story is known.

Foster was found dead on July 20, 1993, in Fort Marcy Park inside his car, just outside of Washington, D.C. He was a personal friend of Hillary Clinton and Deputy White House Council. Though two investigators – Robert Fiske and Kenneth Starr – separately concluded that Foster shot himself and died, his suicide has long been considered suspicious. Now new documents have come to light that appear to show those suspicions to be based in truth.

WikiLeaks.org was targeted by a massive DDoS attack late Sunday night. The website was taken offline minutes after the massive DNCLeak2 dump and WikiLeaks topics including Vince Foster began trending on Twitter. Twitter was also taken offline in DDoS attack.  Was the DDoS attack an attempt at suppressing new information?

Recently discovered evidence suggests Vince Foster did not commit suicide. but died of two gunshot wounds to the neck – not the one wound initially reported. These records give clear indication that Foster was not shot just once with a .38 caliber…but actually sustained two gunshots wounds! The second gunshot was on the right side of his neck and made by a “small caliber” bullet hole.

Hillary Clinton and Vincent Foster were friends and business associates at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas, and Foster followed the Clintons to the White House soon after Bill Clinton's election as president.

Discovered in the files of the National Archives and Records Administration, Starr’s lead prosecutor Miguel Rodriguez submitted a 2-page resignation letter and a 31-page memo detailing the injuries Foster sustained. Rodriguez states in the letter a variety of details about the injuries on and around Foster’s neck.  None of which were reported in any of the official government documents. At the time of the investigation into Foster’s death, the FBI made claims that Foster’s neck injury photos were underexposed rendering them useless for the investigation.

Rodriguez goes on make the assertion that after he produced the additional damning evidence of the potential Foster murder coverup, he himself became a target!  He states that he was even investigated internally! Rodriguez goes on to note and explain in his letter the twelve ways in which the case was mishandled and compromised. He also cites his credentials and makes assertions with regard to his personal character and experience –

I steadfastly maintained, and continue to maintain, that I, at all times, conducted myself as an experienced and trained prosecutor, with years of federal prosecutorial experience and federal grand jury experience.

Rodriguez’s testimony raises serious questions with regard to the Clintons’ motives for a “death by suicide” for Foster. Foster was tied to Hillary’s roles in the White House scandals with Whitewater and the White House Travel Office.


Vince Foster Hillary

Vince Foster was one of Hillary’s closest friends, much like Huma Abedin is currently.  He had intimate knowledge of these two scandals plus many more I’m sure. The current theory that the motive for Vince Foster’s murder was to make sure that he didn’t expose the Clintons to the world with the information he knew about then-President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary.  Foster has a well-known reputation of being too honest, as a result, many speculate the Clintons felt he could no longer be trusted. This is just ANOTHER scandal in a decades-long history of scams, secrets, and rumors or sinister wrongdoing, unethical actions, and morally corrupt behavior that follows the Clintons. Will it ever end?

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h/t – Wikileaks and WND.com and Regated.com

God Bless.



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