ALERT: Another Electric Vehicle FAILURE



Here’s a report about another major problem with electric vehicles.

This particular report is humorous in a way.

According to Cowboy State Daily, a Wyoming-based news organization, Wyoming’s Teton County and the town of Jackson purchased eight electric buses, all of which have broken down and will no longer run.

The electric buses’ failure has forced Jackson and Teton County to rely on their existing fleet of 31 diesel buses.

This comes from Patti Walbridge at News Hour First:

Wyoming’s Teton County and the town of Jackson bought a fleet of electric busses that are now junk.

They don’t run.

I find that slightly humorous.

The two entities now have to rely on their fleet of 31 diesel busses to get the job done.

And I find that more humorous.

Liberalism’s failures will strike anywhere.

In this case, the Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) relied on it’s supplier, California based Proterra, Michael Schwarz, Western Journal reports.

Ahhh, good old California.

The electric vehicle push

In 2021, Congress appropriated more than $5.5 billion for eco-friendly buses under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

At the time, President Joe Biden conducted a virtual tour of tax-supported Proterra.

“The fact is, you’re making me look good,” Biden said at the time.

That didn’t last long.

Your eco-friendly busses are nothing but junk and had to be rescued by diesel powered busses.


In August that same entity filed for bankruptcy.

The CEO Gareth Joyce said the company’s failure was due to “various market and macroeconomic headwinds that have impacted our ability to efficiently scale all our opportunities simultaneously.”

That’s bullshit talk for this is a complete failure.

The electric vehicle scam

Electric vehicles don’t run in cold weather.

They also don’t run in extremely hot weather.

They only run where rich assholes live.

Congress and Biden wasted more money on green energy. Nobody is feeling sorry for elected officials in Wyoming, especially since they’re trying so hard to steer people into this.

The residents instead wanted road upgrades, but none of that has happened. Instead, as the Cowboy Daily put it, “a majority wanted driving to remain inconvenient in hopes that people would ride more bikes and take public transit.” A majority wanted driving to be inconvenient!

Electric is politically correct but vehicles that run on gasoline and diesel are extremely reliable and cost much less to run- that is when you don’t have liberals calling the shots.

Teton county is wealthy. According to Wyoming Public Media, the county is first in the nation. In 2019 average household income was $312,442. Of course it is. Only affluent liberals would want to inconvenience everybody else as part of their moral value.

In 2020, President Trump won the vast majority of this state. All but two of its 23 counties voted for him. But the affluent Teton county voted for Biden 67.8 to 29.9.

Electric can’t deal with cold

According to WeatherWX, for the last 10 years Teton County has averaged single-digit low temperatures during the winter months.

Thus, Wyoming liberals have experience with cold-weather electric bus failures, and they live in extreme cold weather.

So what will they do?

Affluent residents of a county that could use a bit of warming appear determined to prevent it at all costs. That is, they will prevent it at all costs to other taxpayers.

Indeed, according to Cowboy State Daily, residents of America’s wealthiest per-household county who already received millions of dollars in Federal Transit Administration grants to pay for their existing electric buses plan to buy new ones.

Of course, they will have to find a new supplier. Because that will solve everything.

I don’t know about you but I don’t trust this garbage any more than I do the COVID JAB.

What happens if you get stuck in flooded streets?

Yeah, I’ll stick with my gas powered vehicles.


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