BREAKING ALERT: Emergency Blackout Measures That INCLUDE Food Rations



The planet is in a complete state of chaos thanks to the CHINA VIRUS and Biden’s refusal to produce energy here in America.

The New World Order elitists are pushing the green agenda when they all meet at their conventions which they travel to on their private jets and drive their caravans of gas guzzling SUV’S with their security personnel packing fully automatic firearms.

And they don’t eat grass and bugs- they eat an abundance of the finest food available on the planet.

The hypocrisy is insane.

Look, I love gas guzzling vehicles, would love the ‘privilege’ to own fully auto firearms and I love lobster, filet mignon and all that but the bottom line is that us peasants are rapidly being forced to suffer and these elitist a**holes WANT us to suffer.

They are doing one hell of a job of it too.

Biden alone has caused massive shortages of fuel KNOWING DAMN WELL that we are struggling to afford driving to work, heating our homes, purchasing food, feeding our children and a list of garbage that is a mile long.

Biden is a one man demented wrecking ball.

Of course we all know that he is compromised by China and controlled by the DEEP STATE and NEW WORLD ORDER SCUMBAGS.

Like I said, the planet is in a state of chaos so let’s take a look at Austria.

It’s NOT good and this nightmare is happening in basically every country with no end in sight.

Check this out.

Mac Slavo at SHTFplan:

In the event of a massive power outage, Austria will hand out emergency food rations to the public. The plan comes as food prices soar and the energy crisis spreads worldwide.

The plan, which was published on the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Regions, and Tourism website, decrees that all grocery stores are to remain closed on the first day of a potential blackout. On the second day of the same blackout, stores are to remain closed but act as centers from which bags of fresh produce will be given to residents, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

From day three, only products from the dry range will be offered, for safety reasons, according to a report by RT. Additionally, the stores will offer prepared bags with water, long-life bread, canned goods, convenience products, and candles to be sold for cash. Baby items and hygiene products will be made available on request only.

Even though all major Austrian retailers have agreed to the food rationing plan, including Spar, Maximarkt, Billa, Penny, Lidl, Frisch, Unimarkt, M-Preis, and others, residents were advised to stock up on food with a long shelf-life and keep a 14-day supply at home. They were also told to keep small denominations of cash in the amount of around €100 per family member.

Unsurprisingly, this scheme was developed by ruling class agencies and the Austrian central bank. It was prepared in coordination with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ), the National Bank of Austria (OeNB), and the energy ministry, as well as representatives from the food retail industry and the association of Austrian municipalities (Österreichische Gemeindebund).

The rulers of Austria did want to say that the food supply is secure and that the chances of a blackout are “very low and unlikely.” They noted that “new potential challenges require timely preparation in order to be ready for a crisis.”

“Our food trade industry is a responsible one and has already proved its ability to overcome the crisis. The solution presented today in the event of a possible mass blackout is a model for the whole of Europe and shows that our food industry is ready for the crisis as part of the system of critical infrastructure,” the head of the association of food retailers Christophe Tamandl said, commenting on the plan.

But what happens if there is no food to handout?

After all the bottom line is that in order to produce and distribute all products FOSSIL FUELS are required.

These people are murdering us and that’s the plan.

Everything we are dealing with is all intentionally self inflicted.

Again, all Biden had to do was keep all of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S policies in place and America as well as the entire planet would be in an extremely better place.

But that goes without saying.

I wish I had good news but I don’t at least on this subject.

Stay safe and hang in there patriots.

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God Bless.

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