A major threat to America has been largely ignored by those who could prevent it. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack could wreak havoc on the nation’s electronic systems-shutting down power grids, sources, and supply mechanisms. An EMP attack on the United States could irreparably cripple the country.


It could simultaneously inflict large-scale damage and critically limit our recovery abilities. Congress and the new Administration must recognize the significance of the EMP threat and take the necessary steps to protect against it.

An EMP attack on the United States could mate­rialize in two forms: nuclear and non-nuclear. The most devastating form, and most difficult to achieve, is an EMP that results from a nuclear weapon. This form destroys any “unhardened” elec­tronic equipment and electric power system- which means virtually any civilian infrastructure in the United States.

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The pulse occurs when a nuclear weapon explodes above the visual horizon line at an altitude between 40 and 400 kilometers. The deto­nation of the nuclear warhead releases photons in the form of gamma radiation and x-rays. These energetic particles scatter in every direction away from the blast.


Many of the particles descend and interact with the magnetic field lines of the Earth, where they become trapped. The trapped electrons then create an oscillating electric current within the field, which rapidly produces a large electromag­netic field in the form of a pulse. Once the pulse reaches electronic equipment, it negatively interacts with them and either disables, damages, or destroys them. An EMP generated by a nuclear weapon could affect all critical infrastructures that depend on electricity and electronics within the vicinity of the nuclear warhead blast radius. A nuclear weapon with a burst height of approximately 100 kilometers could expose objects located within an area 725 miles in diameter to the effects of EMP.


Former CIA director James Woolsey and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, warned that North Korea has the ability to kill 90 percent of Americans by detonating a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over the United States.

The deaths, the two national security experts wrote, would result from the starvation and societal collapse which follows an EMP knocking out the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructure for over a year.

“Two North Korean satellites, the KMS-3 and KMS-4, presently orbit over the U.S. on trajectories consistent with surprise EMP attack,” Woolsey and Pry wrote.

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A decision to intercept would have to be quick – within a few seconds after launch for boost phase, or before the first partial orbit is completed for a satellite intercept. Complicating the decision process is the difficulty in knowing that the launch is of a nuclear device — and any intercept is an act of war. Even if we have the capability, the knowledge, the decision time, and the will, our missile defense system is nowhere near foolproof.

While I personally believe that 90% is extreme,  Americans have proven on a daily basis that a large percentage would be helpless victims should their precious infrastructure collapse around them.

Society has been warned for many years by military experts, government officials and experts in the field of survival that the day will come that your knowledge and your personal supplies will determine you and your families survivability during a catastrophe.

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Even the contains information on, “Emergency Preparedness” and they suggest every family has a 72 hour kit to survive.  With the belief that emergency responders will be able to get to you within that 72 hour window.  Logic tells us that, that window in reality is far longer and that a 30 day supply kit is truly what you should be focused on.

It doesn’t matter if you believe an EMP could be carried out by North Korea or if it is simply mother nature that strikes.  It is common sense to be ready and have the provisions and supplies that you and yours will need in any emergency situation.

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