BREAKING: Entire Texans Team Sends HUGE “F YOU” To America, Except ONE, Look What He Did!


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The Houston Texan players walked out of a practice session after the owner of the team said that the NFL “can’t have the inmates running the prison” despite Bob McNair, the owner, apologizing for the statement.  Grown men and professional athletes paid millions to play a little game of catch made comments like I was “horribly sickened” by the comments McNair made–a pitiful excuse to cover for their political statement.  In protest of his statement, almost the entire Texan team knelt during the Anthem… Just Watch:

Here’s A Close Up…Notice Anything That Gives You Hope? We did:

Notice that there were a few players brave enough to defy the drama queens on their team? Pictured here is Brian Peters, number 52, who was one of just ten players to stand while everyone else followed the pack.  Be like Brian.  But better yet, do more than Brian. Stand proud with your hand over your heart–just like #68, Breno Giacomini, did.

Here’s The Pertinent Background Information That Resulted In The Latest Tantrum:

A meeting with NFL representatives is currently scheduled to take place on October 31st and Colin Kaepernick is apparently the guest of honor:

Former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick is expected to be invited to the next meeting between NFL players and owners, a league spokesman said Wednesday.

That meeting is scheduled Tuesday in New York.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said he expects Kaepernick will be invited, although there is no confirmation whether he would attend the meeting. The invitation will be extended by the players, not the league, Lockhart said on the league’s weekly conference call.

It seems that under Roger Goodell, who helped organize the meeting, hopes to mediate the situation by capitulating to the mascot of the kneeling movement.  Well, since its going to take place on Halloween, the least Goodell can do is dress up in costume:

Meanwhile, the absolute absurdity of the situation unfolded in the Twitter comments made by the player’s wives. “My husband has put his body and mind on the line for your team,” Devi Brown the wife of Duane Brown wrote.  It’s almost as if these people think they are soldiers serving in combat against their will.  They are paid millions to beat the crap out of each other on the grid iron.  These aren’t composers or Nobel Laureates–they’re glorified strongmen. 

That’s why, according to another owner, 96% of Americans support the players that are standing:

While Jones was speaking, Snyder added: “See, Jones gets it — 96 percent of Americans are for guys standing.” This claim was not well received, according to ESPN.

And what exactly is the NFL doing for those honest Americans? How are they giving back to the men and women across the heartland that just want to watch their Sunday game in peace?  Well, the NFL is trying to make it harder for those people to own guns and exercise their second amendment rights. The 49ers donated $500,000 to a gun control effort–an attempt to gain positive publicity in the midst of this chaos.  They are just so out of touch with America.

Boycott these scumbags and their sponsors.




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