EPIC: Rev. Franklin Graham Just Told Obama What He Can Do With His Gun Grabbing Agenda…




Rev. Franklin Graham has never been a fan of President Barack Obama or his policies. He has been a very tough critic of the president especially when it comes to the Kenyans love for Islam and hatred towards Christians.

At Obama’s press conference after the shooting of nine members of the Emanuel AME church in Charleston he took the opportunity to push his anti-gun agenda rather that genuinely attempting to comfort the grieving families, friends and community. He also pushed the race card.

This dude is a POS period.

Well Reverend Franklin Graham has something to say about this pathetic attempt to push for more gun control and he posted a nice message on his Facebook page explaining to Obama what the actual issues regarding gun violence here in America. This is awesome as usual.

The Rev. had this to say:

“President Obama’s answer to the tragic shooting of nine people in Charleston, SC, is to have more gun laws.

With all due respect Mr. President, all of the laws in the world can’t change the human heart—only God can do that.

Our nation needs a spiritual healing—we have turned our back on God and His laws.

Hollywood is responsible for glorifying gun violence on television, in movies, and in the video gaming industry.

This plays a big part in our culture of gun violence today.

If you want more laws, why don’t you ask Congress to pass laws against the poisoning of the minds of our young people by this godless industry?

Share this if you agree.”

While I don’t fully agree with censoring the use of guns on television or the movies I do agree that attempting to violate our 2nd Amendment rights is unacceptable. I also agree that politicizing this tragedy to further his gun grabbing agenda is disgustingly out of line.

These liberals just don’t get it. Legal gun owners aren’t the problem. Sure, there are a small percentage of legal owners that might get depressed and shoot someone but that is extremely rare.

Go after the gangs that have illegal guns. Go after the criminals that are shooting people, committing armed robberies and murders. And for God’s sake- STOP IMPORTING ALL THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS INTO OUR COUNTRY!

No one with a brain cell falls for his garbage, only Liberals. GOD BLESS. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS

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