Eric Trump Has BRUTAL Message For Obama After His Unhinged Rant About His Father

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While speaking at a Canadian press conference on Wednesday, Barack Obama lashed out against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump over his populist message to America, and when Trump’s son Eric caught wind of it, he had a brutal message directly to the president.

If there’s one thing that’s become apparent this election, it’s that the real estate mogul has been living rent-free in Obama’s head from the start, which is rather ironic if you ask me. But Trump’s free occupancy in the mind of our petulant president was evident on Wednesday when Obama went on another unhinged rant about Trump, a person “who has never shown any regard for workers, who has never fought on behalf of any social justice issues. They don’t suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. That’s not the measure of populism. That’s nativism or xenophobia. Or worse. Or it’s just cynicism,” he said.

Of course, we all know that Obama is just saying these things because Trump both threatens his agenda and Obama really has nothing to stand on when it comes to his own record, which isn’t lost on Trump’s son Eric. On Thursday, the younger Trump went on Fox News’ The Real Story to speak with fill-in host Kimberly Guilfoyle about Obama’s remarks, and he didn’t hold anything back when discussing President Stompy Feet’s comments about his father.

“I mean, when does this end?” he said. “It’s not a populist message. It’s a pro-American message. It’s an all-American message. It’s let’s get America back to work, let’s keep America safe. That’s really my father’s platform.”

“It’s actually very simple,” he continued. “I mean, this country has given him and our family everything. And I say that all the time, it’s given us everything. He wants to bring back prosperity to this country. It’s just that simple.”

Trump’s message is resonating with American as well. In just the past week, polling shows him edging ahead of his corrupt competitor, Hillary Clinton, who’s facing a whole new barrage of criticism after her husband had a clandestine meeting with the Attorney General.

The younger Trump then went for Obama’s throat over his own failed policies.

“It’s really amazing,” Trump said. “Wages under President Obama have been absolutely stagnant. … Obamacare has caused more people to have to get second and third jobs to be able to remain afloat. People don’t have health care. … More people are out of work than ever before. You have 100 million people out of the workforce. … America has real problems. I just mentioned the 57 percent of inner-city minority youth that are unemployed and can’t find jobs. We’ve lost one-third of our manufacturing between 2000 and 2016.”

There’s an entire list of failures you can add to that as well. From Obamacare causing health insurance costs to skyrocket, to the entire world laughing at our joke of a president, everything Obama has touched has turned to sh-t in one way or another.

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