Authorities are trying to piece together the details in the California terror attack and so far have come up with some major bombshells that Obama and liberals find ‘offensive’ including the fact that this killer passed the DHS screening process, the literal bomb factory at their home, the pledge to ISIS, the $28,000 dollars deposited in their bank account and the list goes on.

Here’s a new development that proves these people are terrorists. Not just the 2 scumbags that killed 14 people and injured another 21, but their family members as well.

Apparently FBI agents found an empty GoPro package, shooting targets and ammunition inside a car belonging to the mother of San Bernardino mass shooter Syed Farook.



Seized: This is the Lexis IS300 belonging to Rafia Farook which was searched by the FBI. They found GoPro packaging. The camera’s whereabouts are unclear. Law enforcement said one was not used by the terrorists.

Authorities have repeatedly denied rumors that Farook, 28, and his wife Tashfeen Malik, 27, strapped recording devices to their body armor as they stormed the Inland Regional Center, but this new evidence shows that there may be an order from the top (Obama) to squash this fearing that the killers are probably heard screaming praises to Obama’s God- ALLAH!

Documents confirm the car was insured by Farook’s 62-year-old mother Rafia, who lived in the same home in Redlands, California, where he and Malik built pipe bombs and stored thousands of rounds of ammunition, Daily Mail reports.

The discovery adds a chilling new dimension to the ongoing FBI investigation as helmet-mounted GoPros have been used by ISIS fanatics before to capture dramatic footage for online recruitment videos.


One such clip circulated by the terror network in June revealed the final moments of a Jihadi ‘martyr’ before he was shot dead by an Iraqi soldier.

The four-door sedan was located just a few minutes’ walk from the Farooks’ apartment as FBI agents stormed the property last Wednesday afternoon to search for guns and explosives.

They smashed the driver’s window to gain access before carrying out a pain-staking forensic examination and seizing a trove of potential evidence including paperwork, targets and tools.


An inventory left behind on the front seat read: ‘Apple iPhone, multi-tool, key, business card, miscellaneous indicia, bank receipt, shooting targets, hammer, vice grips, U-Haul receipt, tire receipt, notebook, garment, GoPro packaging, vacuumings, legal documents’.

Syed Farook is also listed on insurance documents as a named driver but it is now known whether he or his mother drove the 2005 vehicle more, or who the GoPro and the items found inside belonged to.

Before embarking on last week’s mass shooting, he and Malik left their six-month-old daughter at home with Rafia, saying they had to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Hours after the ensuing slaughter, cops pulled Rafia her over in her other son’s SUV and held her for questioning.

Sean Brown at Mad World News adds that no charges have been brought against Rafia, however, Farook’s father, also named Syed Farook, has been placed on a terror watch list by the FBI while they investigate numerous long trips to his native Pakistan over the past couple of years. The elder Farook told an Italian newspaper that he was aware of his son’s extremist views, so it stands to reason that his mother did as well, especially considering the contents found in her own vehicle.

This entire incident just reinforces Americans’ fears that not only do we have to worry about terrorism from abroad, but from within as well. Farook was born in the country to Pakistani immigrants, both of whom are now under investigation for terror related charges, and he was fundamentalized (new term for radicalized since they follow the fundamental teaching of Muhammad) here at home, then carried out a bloody attack on our own soil after importing a jihadi bride.

None of this was caught by law enforcement, even though numerous bread crumbs were left that should have been picked up on, so how can we not wonder how many more Farooks are still out there? Knowing what we know about this attack, it seems like the better question is when will the next one be, not if it’s going to happen.


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(H/T Right Wing Tribune)


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