BREAKING: Chicago Hospital EXPERIMENTS On TEENS. . . Now They Have HIV Forever

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SUCCESS!” Experiment In Chicago Leaves 3 Teens With HIV . . . Others With STDs but the research team is very pleased.

A Chicago-area hospital is coming under fire after a series of experiments on underage gay boys resulted in a number of the test subjects contracting sexual diseases with a total of three ending up with HIV. They have already declared this experiment a success and that means other studies will likely follow encouraging more young teens to engage in dangerous sexual acts while unprotected.   

Boys aged 15 to 17 were sought out by researchers led by Sybil Hosek at the Cook County Health and Hospital System’s Stroger Hospital in Chicago and invited to self-administer a drug shown to prevent the transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus daily by taking a pill.

Sybil G. Hosek, PhD

Participants in this study were under the age of consent.  In other words, Hosek facilitated in the illicit sexual practices of minors and could have instilled a false sense of hope that they would be immune or protected while doing so.  Teenagers are not the most level-headed individuals. Here’s a bit more information:


People at risk for becoming infected with the virus that causes AIDS can dramatically lower their risk of infection by taking the drug Truvada in what is known as the PrEP regimen, but its use is only approved for adults.

[And regarding this study:]

12 developed sexually transmitted diseases and three participants developed HIV infections. Blood tests revealed that those who became infected with HIV were taking Truvada an average of fewer than two times a week.

Giving them medication intended for gay adults to use while having unprotected sex was an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea.  How many participants that were legally prohibited from having sex then went on to do so liberally because of this study? How many participants contracted HIV, told their partners they were fine because they were on this magic pill, then spread it around?

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There’s no reason for hospitals to enable teenagers below the age of consent to have intercourse and they certainly shouldn’t be encouraging them to do it unprotected!

Unfortunately, the participants and their guardians have likely signed away any right to a lawsuit by participating in the trial–though that remains to be seen. It is unclear if any of the 15 year-old participants contracted the virus.

This is just one more tale from the demented crypt of liberal hysteria. The sex-liberation, anti-abstinence campaign has reached a point of self-destruction.  Like with all other issues, liberals just don’t know when to stop.

The Worst Part? Liberals Are Pretending This WAS A Success:

God Bless.

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