BREAKING: South Korea Just Exposed N. Korea After What They Found Hidden In Plain Sight


Traces of radioactive material were detected in South Korea by the nation’s nuclear safety agency Friday, less than a week after North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test.


South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission discovered trace amounts of xenon gas, a radionuclide, in an analysis of samples from the air, ground and water collected following North Korea’s nuclear test, according to Yonhap News Agency.

North Korea defied international warnings Sunday, conducting its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. The country said it detonated a hydrogen bomb that can fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile, Fox News reported.

The radioactive material’s inflow is still being tracked to determine definitively if it came from the nuclear test, according to the agency.

The agency added the level of radioactive material detected in the analysis is not enough to cause any effects on South Koreans’ health.

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North Korea is ready to launch another ICBM,  as the United Nations weighs imposing tougher sanctions on the country, analysts said.


And Pyongyang’s next display of defiance could come in the form of yet another ICBM launch as early this Saturday, to coincide with the country’s founding day.

“The situation is very grave. It doesn’t seem much time is left before North Korea achieves its complete nuclear armament,” South Korea Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon said in a meeting of the country’s defense ministers on Thursday.

 “Some believe North Korea may launch another intercontinental ballistic missile on the 9th, this time at an ordinary angle,” Lee reportedly said.
This launch will provoke the international community, due to the launch being done at “ordinary angle” from launch.
To date, North Korea has been launching their IBM’s as “vertical” launches, which means it is a launch meant to test the ICBM and it’s components.  Where as a “ordinary launch” is a launch specifically meant as targeting a specific target to strike with precision, Breitbart reports.
“When you do ballistic missile tests, the idea is to test the technology. You don’t actually want the missile to hit any place than you would otherwise want it to hit.  When you launch it an ordinary angle, you’re launching it the way you would if you were trying to hit something.” ~Bernard Loo, Professor Strategic Studies
As the United Nations considers tougher sanctions, the North Koreans can choose between two options: Attempt to get the U.N. to withdraw its trade restrictions by promising to cease weapons testing, or accelerate the pace of their activities.
North Korea said the U.S. will “pay dearly” after its United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said the isolated nation was “begging for war,” again ratcheting up tensions as world leaders consider a fresh round of sanctions.
Describing Haley’s comments to the UN this week as a “hysteric fit,” a commentary in the state-run Korean Central News Agency on Friday warned the U.S. of unspecified retribution.
On Thursday, Trump said it wasn’t inevitable that the U.S. would end up in a war with North Korea over its nuclear weapons development, but that military action remained an option.
“I would prefer not going the route of the military, but it is something certainly that could happen,” Trump said in a press conference at the White House.
He declined to say whether he’d accept a nuclear-armed North Korea that can be successfully deterred from using atomic weapons. A senior administration official later told reporters that the U.S. will not allow North Korea to extort or threaten the world with its nuclear program, and that the administration is not sure the country can be deterred.
The official said that the danger of war is rising, and that the U.S. is also concerned about North Korea exporting its nuclear technology to other nations or to terror groups. Any threat to the U.S. or its allies will be met with a massive military response, the official said.
North Korea will continue to ignore all sanctions and have escalated their ICBM and nuclear programs.  Every single line that POTUS Trump and the U.N. draws in the sand, North Korea blatantly crosses.
It is as if the DPRK is daring the U.S. to put a military stop to their actions, so that they can then call on Russia and China to “protect” them against the aggressive U.S. military.

God Bless.

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