Can you say “Scamelot”?



Some call it lying. But by applying the softer term “scam,” instead, we are able to paint a fairly clear picture of who this charlatan is — and to pose the essential question: “Does this charismatic, smooth-talking, always smiling and openly ‘Progressive’ (code word for socialist) president scam just a little, or does he truly scam a LOT?”  Knowing that the list below could be twice as long if word-count permitted, consider the following examples:

SCAM # 1 — He continues to assert “transparency” in all matters, but there is very little or none. There is, instead, a Vast Left-Wing Cover-Up of his birthplace records, his Marxist and Muslim parentage and upbringing, his school records from grammar to graduate, his passport and Social Security records, his radical-Left personal and professional associations, his Harvard Law and book writing records, and his dozens of far-left (and non-vetted) regulatory “czars.”

SCAM # 2 — He continues to assert “bipartisanship” and “accountability”–but there is little of those either, with most of his dealings with Congress crafted behind closed doors and with most legislation in the form of gigantic “Continuing Resolutions,” rather than as products of the Regular Order as envisioned by the Constitution.

In the cases of Obamacare and “climate change,” BUYpartisanship might be a more accurate spelling where just enough Democrats seem to favor whatever “Deemocrat” Obama deems to be “best for America.” Over 20 times, he has deemed Obamacare amended without Congress’ approval. (The House is seeking an injunction, but when if ever will that overturn of a scofflaw President be granted?)

SCAM # 3 — He promised not to sign any healthcare measure that “adds a single dime to the deficit,” but deceitfully front-loaded taxes and back-loaded benefits under guidance from clever activists who contrived “scoring” schemes that hid trillions of such “single dimes.”


In this regard, recall the central role of the establishment media and MIT professor Jonathan Gruber in keeping the public so ill-informed that they seemed “stupid” but were merely being kept ignorant of what many “single payer” radicals were contriving — all the way back to the failed Hillarycare scheme of the 1990s, on which Obamacare was almost entirely based.

SCAM # 4 — He pledged repeatedly not to raise the taxes of anyone earning less than such-and-such amount — a number which kept getting smaller – and cynically labeled $250 “stimulus” handouts as “tax cuts for 95-percent of all taxpayers,” and then added over 20 new Obamacare taxes by calling them “fees” and “penalties.” Even the Supreme Court was scammed into a 5-4 vote of approval.

SCAM # 5 – He assured that there would no role for “lobbyists” in his Administration, but has made so many exceptions and end-runs as to render this pledge a prima facie lie. (Surely, former SEIU President Andy Stern, who virtually lived in the White House in the early days, would never “lobby” the President.)

SCAM # 6 — He pretends to have left the Black Liberation Theology church, when he has merely distanced himself from the “God-damn America” Reverend Jeremiah Wright – while then appointing similar radicals to his White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Initiatives, and naming the Cuban expatriate Liberation Theology theologian, Miguel Diaz, as his fox-in-the-henhouse ambassador to the Vatican.

SCAM # 7 — He claims not to be a socialist but a “Progressive,” instead — when the latter has long been the radical-Left’s code word for the former, and when even such “Death to America” socialists and communists as Fidel Castro, “Che” Guevara, Hugo Chavez, and Daniel Ortega have often called themselves “Progressives.”

SCAM # 8 — He talks of “energy independence” and “sustainability” but opposes “fracking” for natural gas, expansion of clean coal and nuclear power, and most new oil and gas development on Federal Lands. These are job-killing policies of Less Energy at Higher Prices, especially when combined with mandates for ruinously low “carbon footprints” on the use of all fossil fuels — which is itself a pseudo-religious and pseudo-scientific scam whose Gaia-worshiping acolytes are correctly being called the “Branch Carbonian Cult.”

SCAM # 9 — He embraces as “scientific consensus” the junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and shamelessly rejects virtually all scientific evidence (solar cycles, cosmic winds, humidity, ocean currents, cloud formations and sunlight feedbacks, volcanic activity, etc.) to the contrary — just as Al Gore’s and the UN-IPCC’s cultic Branch Carbonians do.

SCAM # 10 — He repeatedly blamed exploding budget deficits and enormous loss of jobs on “the Bush economy we inherited” — when it was clearly the Pelosi-Reid Congressional Economy of 2007-08 (with its promises of higher taxes and radical crackdowns on “carbon pollution”) that brought about job losses, slow economic growth, enormous deficit spending, and rapid expansion of today’s OPRAH Land (Obama-Pelosi-Reid-And-Hillary Land) Plantation state.

SCAM # 11 – He pompously claims false credit for an economic recovery which is occurring mostly in “Red States” where 31 Republican governors should be more clearly explaining and proving that their improving economies are not because of but in spite of Obama’s over-taxation, over-regulation, and anti-profit “outforcing” of jobs and capital investment – along with deadly Obamacare’s “downforcing” of millions of fulltime jobs into part-time.

(The GOP governors’ and Republican-led legislatures’ optimum slap-downMister Obama, you didn’t do that. Somebody else did that.”)

SCAM # 12 – His refusal to call the Global War on Terrorism and the AQ/ISIS-style terrorists by their “Radical Islamist” and “Satanic Jihadist” names but rather as an “overseas contingency action” and as mere purveyors of “workplace violence” – trying always to insulate his legacy from having “started a war” or “lost a war” on Terrorism which was not an actual war at all.

“King Fiat of Scamalot” rather than “The Environment President”

Topping it all, Barack Obama and his “Progressively Worse” (i.e., his increasingly Socialist) followers will continue in the media, in academia, and elsewhere to peddle the major scams listed above, plus false promises to create jobs, to eliminate deficit spending, to end crony capitalism, to rescue the Middle Class, to defeat Islam-related Terrorism (but with no credible strategy for doing so), and, above all, to “defeat apocalyptic climate change” – and thereby anoint himself “The Environment President,” as is now his apparent intention.

JIM GUIRARD —    703-768-0957

A DC-area attorney and national security strategist, Jim Guirard was longtime Chief of Staff to former US Senators Allen Ellender and Russell Long. His Web site focuses on truth-in-language and truth-in-history in public discourse.

This is an excerpt from the article originally found at Western Journalism






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