An African-American teenager, currently on probation for a robbery conviction, is in custody for assaulting a Rochester woman with a roundhouse punch to the back of her head. The incident is being compared to the “knockout game” attacks that have been rampant throughout cities nationwide.

The attack occurred as the woman exited a convenience store. The event was filmed by an accomplice who was so thrilled by the incident that he shouted, “Smack Cam” five times. The alleged assailant, Devin Alexander, 16, was first identified in a video viewed on a Facebook page titled “True Goon Tocool Sneekey.”

The clip shows Devin talking to his cameraman, and he appears to be gyrating as a warm-up for the ensuing havoc he is about to generate. Laughing excitedly, he tells his partner that he is going to “smack the old lady with the snowball when she come out the store.” The video reveals that Devin changed his mind and instead delivers a left-handed blow to the head of the defenseless woman. Quickly thereafter, the twosome runs away while the cameraman yells, “She gonna call the cops.”

The attack apparently took place earlier in the month, and police are still investigating. Based on the video evidence, it is likely that both Alexander and the cameraman will face criminal indictments.

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