Famous Liberal’s Sister Makes SHOCKING Announcement About Hillary: ‘I Never Thought I’d…’


A staunch Democrat and sister to former liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich made an utterly shocking announcement about the 2016 presidential election, and if this continues to be a trend, Hillary Clinton is in major trouble.

Teresa Sikorski has spent her entire life voting for Democrats, and so has the 63-year-old’s husband, Marty. However, this time around they’re singing quite a different tune, and after thinking there would never be a day in their lives that they would vote Republican, the time has finally come.


More on the Sikorskis from the Washington Post:

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“Trump’s demeanor is a little out there, but he says what he means. He says what the working man says,” explains Marty Sikorski, 65, who used to do quality control for a firm that made fasteners. “He’s not a career politician, and they can’t buy him, and he won’t play their game.”

Although they concede that some of the things Trump says can be jarring, they see that as more evidence he is not simply another glad-hander selling talking points that have been polished to a sheen.

“I listened to everything he had to say. I understood it. I got it,” Teresa Sikorski added. “Everybody else — they’re liars.”

She counts presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton among that latter group. In fact, her mistrust of Clinton predates her embrace of Trump.

“I would never have in my life believed I would be voting for a Republican,” Sikorski said. But now she and her husband expect to do so up and down the ballot, including in Ohio’s hard-fought Senate race between incumbent Republican Rob Portman and former Democratic governor Ted Strickland.

Sikorski added that she still respects Obama, for whom she voted twice. However, “he had a message to go forward, and now we’re going backward,” she said. “We have reverted to wars, people getting killed, people coming over the border and ISIS,” the terrorist organization also known as the Islamic State.

It’s important to note that not only are the Sikorskis voting for Trump, they also completely changed their parties. They, like man, many other Democrats, no longer feel as if the Democrat Party is working for the people, and they think the entire system needs a reboot, which is why they’re voting Trump.

Isn’t that awesome? If this trend continues – it should, considering the Democrat Party has taken a hard-left turn to appease its younger and minority voters – November is going to be a landslide unseen since Reagan won back in the 80s. Should that happen, We the People will be sending Trump to Washington with a very loud, and a very clear mandate – start cleaning things up and get our government working for us again.

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God Bless. 



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