BREAKING: “I Have A Journal…. WITH TIMELINES” Famous Singer Is About To TAKE DOWN Hollywood Scumbags!


Mac Slavo at SHTFplan reports that a well known singer and former band member of the Pussycat Dolls Kaya Jones may be preparing an all-out war on Hollywood movie and music executives.

As Hollywood’s elite meet to distance themselves from Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations and further cover-up other improprieties engaged in by their philandering members, Jones took to Twitter to explain that she has repeatedly spoken about the abuse she and her band mates had to endure while rising to the top of the music food chain, only to be completely ignored and threatened.


According to Jones, the Pussycat Dolls were nothing more than a high-end prostitution ring, as they were forced to sell their souls and bodies to power brokers in the entertainment industry. And now, as the Harvey Wiestein scandal is beginning to explode into accusations by even more Hollywood women against the men who forced them to make choices between their morals and their careers, Jones says she has details of predatory sexual behavior and abuse, including names and timelines, that she logged in a personal journal.

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Taking to Twitter in a stream of messages, Jones says that she understands that she is targeting the very top of the entertainment industry and that she has prepared a document that has been stashed with a close confidante in case she ends up dead.

Well, she seems pretty pissed off and I don’t blame her.

In my younger days I played in rock bands in Hollywood and saw a hell of a lot of partying going on.

I will say that I never witnessed any insane rapes or whatever but I did witness a hell of a lot of sex going on with totally intoxicated girls.

Nothing violent and it all appeared to be consensual to the best of my memory.

I do feel sorry for these girls that basically were sluts just to be with us rock and rollers. Back then they had Quaaludes which basically made you vulnerable to anything.

This whole sex/power crap has been going on since Adam and Eve.

But now, since ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING is offensive I am pleased to see that these scumbags are getting called out.

For the record all of these rapes and sexual assaults were committed by liberals.

Liberals are complete scum and should move to Canada or some other shithole.

God Bless.



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