Fans FURIOUS After Seeing DISGUSTING Thing Muslims Did During National Anthem…


Fans were attending a ballgame when the announcer asked everyone to rise for the National Anthem. As the patriots stood to pay their respects to our great country and to give thanks to those who have made the ultimate sacrifices so that we have the freedoms we are so fortunate to have, one group of people did something that had many fans IRATE! 

You see, a group of Muslims refused to stand and instead, sat in their seats talking and laughing during the National Anthem. They should have been kicked the hell out of the park, at least that’s what I would have liked to have seen done. Sick scumbags.

Some fans broke out their cell phones and recorded the disgusting incident. Take a look:


Filthy, ungrateful Muslim scumbags show Islamic supremacy by disrespecting American anthem.

An Islamosuremacist sub-animal (yes, they regularly kill even their own family members, as in ‘Honor’ killings…) and his 4 bitches wrapped in their perannual Halloween costumes, no doubt living off social benefits & welfare provided by American taxpayers, talk loudly while refusing to stand up to show respect toward the host country that they are brazenly taking advantage of, including its entertainment and ball game. This type of behavior has increasingly become more and more brazen and in-your-faced thanks to the protection and Islamofauxbia false flag & narrative constantly disseminated by the Muslim-In-Chief & Muslim Brotherhood Member Emeritus Hussein Obama.

This is just another example of Civilization jihad (or Stealth jihad…), and Sharia in action: There is no God but Allah. There is no law but Quran. U.S. Constitution be damned.

These savages have absolutely no respect for America. Why were they at a ballgame? Beats the hell out of me.

If I had my way, each and everyone of these jihads would be sent back to the third world hell holes where they belong.

Filthy scumbags.

God Bless.

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