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GEORGE, WASHINGTON – Mayhem broke out during an drug fueled electronic dance music festival at the campgrounds near Washington’s Gorge Amphitheatre Saturday night.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office said at least one violent thug started randomly shooting attendees resulting in at least two deaths and multiple injuries.

Three people were wounded, including the shooter, who was taken into custody, authorities said.

There are reports that some of the injured are in critical condition although no official statement has been released at the time of this publication.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Kyle Foreman said “At about 8:20 p.m. or thereabouts, there was a shooting in the campground. The shooter was fleeing the scene and also firing shots.”

The suspected shooter walked away from the shooting scene before officers tracked him down, according to Foreman.

R. HANS MILLER at Columbian Basin Herald reports that concertgoers were camped out to attend Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge, a two-day, adults-only show at the venue which features a variety of electronic dance music – or EDM – artists.

The shooter’s motives are unknown at this time, Foreman said though he appeared to be shooting randomly into the crowd of campers a few hundred meters from the concert itself, which continued on as the shooting unfolded.


The thug wanted to kill people. It’s really that simple.

There was a report of shots fired at people in the crowd, which prompted a law enforcement response, he said.

The shooter fled and continued shooting in what appeared to be a random pattern.

No information regarding the types of weapons used by the shooter was available as yet and investigators are still trying to determine the shooter’s motives.

My guess is the thug used a handgun of some type.

Under Washington law, information regarding the shooting is limited, Foreman said.

“Now, in Washington state, we have some laws that prevent me from expanding more on details,” Foreman said.

“I’m not trying to be evasive; it’s just that I’m limited to what I can speak about in Washington state.”

A mass notification was sent countywide to encourage county residents to stay away from the scene, he said.

Run, hide and fight but you can’t have guns- just the criminals

One such notice advised those present to run, hide and fight as appropriate.

What an asinine plan.

Ages and names of the victims and the shooter could not be released for similar reasons, he said.

The remainder of the festival was canceled.

This is a developing story.

If this thug is found guilty he should be put to death IMMEDIATELY.

We want to thank the brave LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS for their swift actions.



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