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The more they open their tyrannical mouths, the more we should start to realize that this “vaccine” is a part of their overall agenda for the totalitarian and permanent enslavement of the human race. Dr. Anthony Fauci even said the slaves’ future depends on global vaccinations.


As hard as they are pushing this shot for a disease that hasn’t been proved even exists, should be enough to enlighten the masses to a major problem. “We would hope that as we get people more vaccinated, not only in this country but throughout the world, that the level of viral dynamics will be so low,” continued Fauci.

“I can’t predict for you today when that will be. Because as we see, we now have a situation, we’re entering the winter. The good news is we’re continuing to come down and hopefully, we’ll go further and further down, but what happens globally will impact us. So if we get more people vaccinated globally and more people vaccinated now, hopefully within a reasonable period of time, we will get to that point where it might occasionally be up and down in the background, but it won’t dominate us the way it’s doing right now,” Fauci continued according to a report by Yahoo News. 

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Fauci continues to blame the unvaccinated too, even though these shots are not vaccines, nor do they stop the spread or transmission of the common cold, nor do they prevent people from getting a cold. Not only that, but the “vaccinated” carry as much viral load as the un”vaccinated.”


The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!


“When you think about pandemics, you’re in the ‘pandemic phase,’ and then you have a deceleration phase,’ then you have a ‘control phase,’ then hopefully you’ll have elimination and maybe eradication. I think eradication is out—we’ve only eradicated one virus in history for humans in [sic] that smallpox. We’ve eliminated certain infections by very good vaccination programs, such as eliminating polio from the United States, eliminating measles, except for some pockets of unvaccinated groupSo what we’re really talking about is control and control has a wide bracket.”

So there it is! The truth. It’s about control. And not control of the virus, which they’ve repeatedly admitted is uncontrollable. It’s people control and when you decipher the words he used, Fauci couldn’t be more clear.

“You can have [the virus] under control, where you have enough infections in the community where it isn’t a pandemic phase, but it still is interfering with what we would like to get back to what we used to know as normal, what we hope to get it as it’s such a low level, that even though it isn’t completely eliminated, it doesn’t have a major impact on public health or on the way we run our lives,” Fauci said.

So, what he’s saying, is tyranny must be committed and atrocities must be accepted so they can pretend like they eradicated the common cold. These sociopaths have no elevated consciousness nor do they have a shred of morality.

This article was written by Mac Slavo at and was republished with permission.

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