BREAKING: After FBI Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Hillary, Obama Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement That Changes EVERYTHING

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Immediately after the FBI announced that they are reopening the criminal investigation into the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails from her days as secretary of state, Obama is striking back by hitting the campaign trail for crooked Hillary. Absolutely unbelievable. 

Hussein is set to hit Ohio on Tuesday, North Carolina on Wednesday And finish up in Florida on Thursday.

The fact that Obama is campaigning for Clinton while she is being investigated by the FBI speaks volumes about what a douche bag this racist, anti-American Kenyan, Marxist scumbag is.

And who in the hell is paying for this sh*t? WE ARE! F THESE FILTHY DEMOCRAT CROOKS!

Look, the old hag is corrupt, and WikiLeaks has revealed that Obama was fully aware of the fact that Clinton wasn’t using a secure government server- hell, they chatted together all the fricking time! Totally insane.

Writer Charles Ortel, who has commented extensively on the scandals related to the Clinton Foundation, noted that Obama’s role in the Clinton email scandal has so far flown under the radar.

“I think he [Obama] was 100 percent dishonest,” Ortel said in a recent interview. “I think the bigger story here is that President Obama was communicating with Hillary Clinton in the emails that I saw using a private address of his own. It’s not simply that Hillary was sending him using her private address. He too, I think, was using a private address.”

Ortel said it strains credulity to think Obama never knew Clinton used a private server for official business.

“It is preposterous that President Obama is so busy — he is choosing to open emails [and] wouldn’t have noticed that this came from a private address as opposed to the .gov address,” he said.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge also has said that the White House had to know what Clinton was doing just to allow the communications to take place.

“Did he receive Clinton emails on his BlackBerry? And if so, when did his team direct the White House Communications Office to accept the email and whitelist it?” she said.

Ortel said that getting to the full truth will take time, and the election of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I don’t think there is going to be any investigation of President Obama between now and the time he leaves. That said, depending on who wins, the wider scandals involving Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, and the companies around the Clinton Foundation — whether or not Trump wins — those are going to be investigated,” he said.

“It will take time to get to the bottom of what really happened here; who is going to be investigated inside our country and around the world?” he added.

These people are so corrupt and have absolutely no remorse for the crimes they have committed against Americans.

A special thanks to my esteemed colleague Jack Davis at Western Journalism.

God Bless.



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