BREAKING News Out Of The FBI On 2020 Election Fraud… WE HAVE THE VIDEO


Do you really have any faith in Christopher Wray or even Bill Barr or John Durham at this point? I sure as hell don’t.


These a-holes have done nothing- I MEAN NOTHING!

If you ask me, we have all been sold down the river by a big talking, do nothing, AG Barr and his ‘Justice Dept.’ At least Wray does not even pretend to be on the side of justice.

It seems to me that we are on our own. The establishment has laid bare their distain for Americans like us and their hatred for anyone who challenges the status quo as well as anyone who supports Trump.

Thus is it no shock to read this report from Hoft’s GWP:


The Gateway Pundit is reporting: FOX News opened their noon hour with a hit piece on President Trump and in extension his 73.8 million confirmed voters.

During the segment FOX reported that Chris Wray’s FBI WILL NOT be investigating any election irregularities.

Absolutely unbelievable!

Nothing to see here. Liberal election workers in Detroit block the entrance to the TCF center for GOP observers and then board up the windows with cardboard and pizza boxes.

They are much too busy to worry about election security.

They are too busy chasing down the Q movement and Trump supporters driving trucks with MAGA flags.

The FBI should be disbanded at this point. What a joke.


Seeing what the FBI did to General Flynn and how Ms. Powell made the hacks at the department eat their own hats, essentially proving what happened to Flynn was wrong, IMHO, I wonder how much this has to do with the ‘justice’ cartel’s desire to tell Powell to shove it.

Perhaps it is just because the FBI and DOJ still have one mission above all others: get rid of the president who is not controlled by the elite at once. Either way it seems that the realist is the same, no action is ever taken to seek actual justice, rather any move made by the ‘Justice’ dept is done out of animus or compromise IMHO.


Hey, let me know what you think about this in thee comments below!

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