FBI SCRAMBLING After CRUCIAL Piece Of Evidence From Vegas STOLEN, LOOK What It IS!!


Stephen Paddock – a man of mystery and the Las Vegas gunman – his motive still unknown and the current narrative for the Las Vegas shooting has holes in it large enough to drive a truck through.  In yet another twist to the story, a laptop was found in Paddock’s Vegas hotel room, however, the hard drive was removed. The shooting claimed the lives of nearly 60 people and injured nearly 500 more at a country music festival outside the hotel.

The laptop was found inside a room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where Paddock stayed prior to killing 58 people and injuring hundreds on Oct. 1, ABC News reported.  ABC also noted that IF Paddock’s missing hard drive does contain information pertinent to the shooting, Paddock is “not the first mass shooter to destroy or hide digital clues.”

Vegas killer’s laptop is missing its hard driveVegas killer’s laptop is missing its hard driveVegas killer’s laptop is missing its hard drive

Unlike some other mass killers, Paddock did not leave behind a note, manifesto or video explaining his actions.

Without a hard drive, it is difficult if not impossible for investigators to determine exactly what Paddock was doing on his computer in the days and hours leading up to attack.  This information is crucial in determining just what Paddock’s motive was and just why Paddock decided to shoot into a crowded music festival down below. Investigators are stating they believe Paddock removed the hard drive some time prior to committing suicide.  However, what was done with it is currently unknown and investigators have been unsuccessful in their attempts to locate it.

In a revelation that seems to point Paddock’s tactics more than his motives, investigators combing through his internet history found a search for a police tactic used to break into rooms, the Wall Street Journal reported. Known as a gambler, and from all accounts a wealthy man who made a substantial amount of money through real estate deals, Paddock was not known to have any serious religious or political motivations.  His longtime girlfriend Marilou Danley claims to have no idea why Paddock did what he did. Danley was in the Philippines at the time of the shooting, and Paddock wired $100,000 to her just before the shooting.


Investigators also claim to have determined that Paddock bought certain software that is known to erase files from hard drives but are not currently sure if he used it given that said hard drive is unavailable for inspection. Almost a month after the shooting, many believe the government has left the public with more questions than answers. In the days following the shooting officials changed the timeline of the events that occurred on that fateful Sunday night in Vegas.  Eyewitness accounts of those actually present during the horrific and terrifying events have also served to raise significant questions as to what actually occurred.

Paddock’s family has a known and lengthy criminal history as well. His father was notorious bank robber Benjamin Hoskins Paddock who spent nearly a decade on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.  On Wednesday, Paddock’s younger brother Bruce, age 58, was arrested in North Hollywood, California on charges of child pornography.

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