Fed Up Cops Launch #MyLifeMatters Campaign… The Reaction Is Unbelievable


Here’s an article which illustrates that the hatred for Police and the flames of racism were fueled by Obama and his goons…

Being a Police officer is NOT an easy way to make a living. Every single day they risk their lives to protect law-abiding Americans from criminals.


Since Obama took office and created this anti-police/racism blacks are oppressed garbage things have gotten real bad. These black ‘leaders’ have taken the racism in America myth back decades. EVERYTHING bad in a black persons life is the WHITE people and the POLICE’S fault.

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Putting angry (racist) blacks in powerful positions is extremely dangerous. Do I sound racist? Well, I’m not. I am merely stating a fact. Notice that I said ‘racist’ blacks. There are wonderful blacks in high positions of authority. Obama, Holder, Lynch, the Baltimore Klan and others are examples of angry racist blacks.

Allen West and Sheriff Clarke are excellent examples of great black leaders. That being said, we have MAJOR problems in the black community when it comes to the police. Under Obama, everything is the cops fault. It doesn’t matter if a black commits armed robbery or murders someone- because they are black. They are victims of the white man and the police.

This from Tom Tillison at Biz Pac Review:


Baltimore police are facing a barrage of criticism on social media after the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police launched a #MyLifeMatters campaign on Twitter.


In response to days of anti-police protests in Baltimore last week, Gene Ryan, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Baltimore City Lodge 3, has expressed concern about low morale among officers during interviews with the media and the campaign serves as a show of support.

Photos depicting officers with the hashtag written on their hands surfaced on Twitter, along with photos from family members. There was even a photo posted in support of slain New York Police Department Officer Brian Moore, who was shot and killed over the weekend.













But the feel-good sentiment was more than the “police brutality” crowd could tolerate, with one user accusing police of instigating conflict: “Baltimore police union really trying it with this #MyLifeMatters hashtag. They really do want a war.”

Here are some of the Tweets from angry scumbags:






What filthy scumbags. Most cops are good cops. These idiots need to get jobs and shut their fricking mouths…

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