FED UP Marine Vet Takes EXTREME Measures To Protect TRUMP Sign From Liberal SCUMBAGS…


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- A Marine veteran and a staunch Trump supporter is sick and tired of liberal TRASH vandalizing his TRUMP sign and he is taking action!

Chuck Corry put his sign up near the road, and more than once has found the sign mangled after being hit by cars.

Corry has decided to put down a nail board and put other things on his Trump sign in order to protect it, KXRM reported.

“This, I think it’s the fifth sign that I’ve had to put up,” Corry said to KXRM. “I’m a Trump supporter, but I’m also pissed off.”

The sign first went up about three weeks ago, but after the vandalism, it featured some extra security measures, including a nail board designed to puncture the tires of any car that runs it over.

Hell yeah!

“They ran over it again a couple of times, so that’s why I put the nail board down,” Corry said. “I’ve never run into this kind of problem.”

This is the first time Corry has had to protect his yard sign from vandalism in the 16 years he has put yard signs out on his property.

And he’s got plenty of extra protection. In addition to the nail board, he supports the sign with rebar, fence posts, plumber’s tape, glue, a dog leash and cables and anchors. It’s also covered in skunk spray and WD-40 in case vandals try to paint over the sign!

Corry said he’s invested about $60 and six hours to protect his sign from liberals.

And ever since he made his improvements, nobody has touched the sign for over a week.

“I’m an ornery, stubborn old bugger,” he said. “And, as I said, a Marine. And if you want to play games, OK, I’m good at playing games.”

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This is not an isolated incident. It’s happened across the nation. KXRM reports that a man in Lexington, Kentucky has chained his Trump sign to the ground to avoid theft. Another man boobie-trapped his sign with electrical fence wire.

A Houston family has taped their Trump sign to the top of their 7 foot tall basketball hoop to avoid theft.

Liberals are complete scumbags.

Semper Fidelis PATRIOT! Good job!

God Bless.

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