BREAKING: Federal Agents GO ROGUE And Reveal Terrifying Thing Obama Did To Put America In Danger


Federal agents with first-hand knowledge of the situation are stepping forward and painting a grim picture of the vetting process for refugees in America.  They are claiming dozens of Syrian refugees that are already living in the United States may have ties to terrorism.

The Department of Homeland Security is trying to minimize the disaster, claiming it isn’t as bad as the agents are making it sound with claims of possible missing derogatory information about the refugees due to a lapse in the vetting process, except that’s not the story the agents are telling.


One of the men who slipped through the cracks is a man who failed a polygraph test after applying to work at a U.S. military installation. Another man has had known communications with a leader within the Islamic State.

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This is why President Trump’s travel ban and his plan for “extreme vetting” is so important much needed.

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The agents spoke to the LA Times newspaper on condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisal as the consequences for whistleblowers could be swift and serious.  The article reveals that federal agents are now “reinvestigating the backgrounds” of the dozens of Syrian refugees all because DHS has now discovered a lapse that has allowed refugees with “potentially negative information in their files to enter the country.”


On the very same day this story came out in the LA Times, the story about President Donald Trump passing an executive order to stop accepting Syrian refugees, as well as plans to suspend issuing visas for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries—Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – was reported.

It is widely known that under Obama’s regime the lax and virtually nonexistent immigration policies allowed a large number of terrorists from these nations as well as others to enter the United States, including members of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups. These individuals have engaged in or attempted to engage in acts of terrorism, conspiracy or attempt to conspire to provide material support to a terrorist organization or engaged in criminal conduct inspired by terrorist ideology. Some of these individuals have been convicted and sentenced here in America, others are pending prosecution, and yet others are unknown as of yet.

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Under Obama’s regime, DHS issued some 680,000 green cards to foreigners from Muslim countries with Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Libya being among some of the countries of origin. DHS also authorized a special “humanitarian” amnesty program offered to illegal aliens from Yemen, an Islamic Middle Eastern country well known as an Al Qaeda breeding ground during this time period.

For those that don’t know, Yemen is the headquarters of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.  The State Department also revealed militants from this area have carried out hundreds of attacks including suicide bombers, vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, ambushes, kidnappings and targeted assassinations. Syrian refugees have come into the U.S. by the thousands, with Obama’s own intelligence and immigration officials admitting that individuals with KNOWN ties to terrorist groups have used this program to infiltrate the United States and that there is NO WAY TO PROPERLY VET THEM, despite the fiction that the left continues to propagate.

The director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – Matthew Emrich, admitted during congressional hearings that there is absolutely no way to adequately screen Syrian refugees because the Syrian government does not have an intelligence database to run checks against. National intelligence has stated that the program is “vulnerable to exploitation from extremist groups seeking to send operatives to the West.”  FBI Director James Comey and Assistant Director Michael Steinbach have also stated that the U.S. government has no system to properly screen Syrian refugees.

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Yet Americans that support this temporary immigration ban are touted by the left as intolerant, racist, bigotted, Fascist, and a whole host of other unflattering adjectives.  With all of the information known about the lack of vetting taking place, the increase in terror attacks on our own soil, the fact that these refugees live here in OUR country, on OUR dollar, at OUR sufferance seems to pass them by.  American interests first!  Our obligation is to protect American interests and the American people. That is what President Trump is doing.  It’s about time someone did!

God Bless.

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