Female Officer Starts Pumping Gas And Senses Someone Behind Her… Then THIS Happens

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As AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS reported, Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth was executed by a black thug while getting gas in his patrol car. He has been laid to rest but our country is in dire straits. And our officers are in danger.

The Black Lives Matter and other radical black supremacy ‘movements’ have officially declared war on police and white people. They have issued a call to KILL THE POLICE AND WHITES! This is an extremely serious problem but it seems as though Obama has absolutely no interest in getting this under control- in fact the very opposite. He stands by the blacks and against the police. He always has. He is a total scumbag.

But this is a good story. Actually an awesome story! 

A female Houston police officer, Tommi Jones-Kelley, was pumping gas in her patrol car in the pouring rain when she noticed someone had walked up directly behind her. You can imagine what was going on inside her head. Is this an angry black criminal thug that wants to execute me? But thankfully, this time it was a good thing. Check it out!

This kind gesture that Zoellner demonstrated to officer Jones-Kelley comes at the perfect time in the wake of so many senseless police tragedies. Zoellner demonstrates all that is right with humanity and how we all can learn from this simple act of kindness and selflessness.

These are the very attributes that have made our country great and seem to have been lost along the way in the name of progressivism. I not only would like to shake the hand of this amazing teenager, but his mother as well, for raising such a commendable person.

We applaud this young man and his mother and of course Officer Jones-Kelley and we promise to do our very best to do whatever it takes to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 


God Bless. Source- AFF

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