MAJOR BREAKING NEWS About Fidel Castro’s SON… HE’S DEAD, But He Was NOT Murdered


There’s some seriously breaking news out of Cuba just moments ago, and it doesn’t involve anything good whatsoever.

For decades, the Castro family has held an iron-tight grip on the island nation of Cuba, forcing its –people into poverty while the family enjoyed the world’s most luxurious spoils. For someone like Fidel Castro, the patriarch of the family who recently passed away, such a lifestyle came naturally as he had to fight tooth-and-nail to earn everything he gained, even if he did use dubious means.


However, for his sons, who grew up wealthy and never understood what real poverty was like, the situation had to weigh heavily on their minds as they enjoyed the finest things life has to offer while watching their fellow countrymen literally die in the street of starvation. It’s that presumption that brings us to the breaking news nobody saw coming – Castro’s eldest son’s untimely death.


Fox News reported that the Cuban media is saying that 68-year-old Fidel “Fidelito” Castro Diaz-Balart has tragically taken his own life. “Fidelito,” or “little Fidel” en Español, had apparently been battling depression for months, then suddenly decided it was time for him to end his misery one his own, so that’s exactly what he did.

From Fox News:

Diaz-Balart was said to have killed himself Thursday morning after receiving months of treatment for a “deeply depressed state,” according to official website Cubadebate. He reportedly “required a hospitalization regime then outpatient follow-up” as part of his treatment.

Before his death, Diaz-Balart was a scientific adviser to the Council of State and was the vice president of the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

Among his own offspring, Castro only publicly recognized Diaz-Balart, the angel-faced, blond boy from revolution-era photographs who caused double-takes because he looked like his father. The resemblance earned the boy the nickname Fidelito, or Little Fidel.

Diaz-Balart was born in 1949 and brought to the United States in the 1950’s after his parents divorced. His mother’s family had ties to the Batista government, which Castro would eventually overthrow. As a result, the former Cuban leader wanted his son kept from his ex-wife’s family, leading to an ongoing custody battle over the boy.

In 1956, Fidel Castro wrote that his worst nightmare would be that his son have to live among his “enemies,” meaning his ex-wife and her family, which is what sparked the custody battle to begin with.

“I refuse even to think that my son may sleep a single night under the same roof sheltering my most repulsive enemies and receive on his innocent cheeks the kisses of those miserable Judases,” Castro wrote to his half-sister Lidia at the time.

In memoriam of another Castro dying, I leave you with the song I listened to the entire time I was writing this:

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