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ALERT: Every Conservative Publication Faces An Imminent Threat On Facebook

Breitbart LOST 90% Of Its Advertising Deals ALREADY…


Salon, the e-tabloid for hippies with far too many cats and far too little soap, is attempting to sabotage some of the most ardent supporters of Donald J. Trump.  You might be aware, but in case you managed to avoid that cesspool, Salon was made infamous from its deservedly scandalous defense of pedophiles.  Maybe their old coverage is partially responsible for their hilarious losses–Salon is running a $2 million dollar annual deficit.

They have a new plan to gain attention, however, and you had better listen up: they hope to mobilize millions of the worst liberals, frequently referred to as Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), to destroy a multitude of sites that have grown over the past year by covering the Trump campaign and his subsequent presidency.

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Their goal is nothing short of evil and its final intention is to prevent another Trump presidency from ever coming to fruition.  To do this, they hope to make it impossible for conservative journalists to gain advertising partnerships–something that AFF Media can attest to being no small struggle as it is.  Now, remember I said that Salon is hemorrhaging 2 million dollars a year? Keep that in mind, because their unsustainable losses are our best chance at turning this attack around on them.


Why Are They Doing This?

Frankly, these lowlifes have realized they are unable to grow their audience any further and since they are can’t write a convincing piece to attract people away from conservatives, they are sending their liberal readers on a mission to sabotage conservatives instead.  This is journalistic terrorism promoted by mainstream journalists backed by investors with millions and they are encouraging people that do not read websites like Breitbart to attack advertisers that provide revenue to conservatives.

Breitbart has, by some estimates, already lost over 90% of its advertising revenue to these attacks. But now liberals are branching out and are no longer satisfied with just one victim.  Facebook has given them their next target.

With the advent of mobile browsing, Facebook as opened a new mobile-friendly advertising program nested inside their Instant Articles platform.  Instant Articles allow any publisher to produce content that they can monetize directly through Facebook.  That means independent, grass-roots journalists have an opportunity to make more money while exploring their passion for politics and policy.  This was a great step-forward in breaking up the Mainstream Media cartels.  

But now the platform is under attack because it also means sites like Buzzfeed, Salon, and other media Goliaths that have fat-cat investors backing their projects with millions of dollars in seed money feeling the heat.  Investors don’t like to hear that some man in the heartland can set up a blog and grow it to be more popular than their precious mainstream outlet.  Salon was particularly shocked to find out that even Fox News was being out-performed by many of these right-wing independent websites. If traditional conservative outlets can’t compete, how could a liberal clickbait factory manage?

They particularly hate it when they look at their wallets: investors have sunk $1.5 billion dollars into Buzzfeed.  It must really stink to realize $1.5 billion can’t buy you the trust of the American people anymore. Those people would prefer to hear from humans they can actually relate to.

The Rise Of The Social Justice Warrior

The logic behind it is clever and effective. But it isn’t new.  In fact, for the past few years, conservatives have been embattled in the trenches of this digital warfare and have been under a constant barrage of workplace harassment that has even seeped into the real world at times.  It isn’t at all rare for one of these liberal lowlifes to call the boss of someone that tweeted support for Donald Trump, insisting that such a person be fired for their beliefs.  This is a regular occurrence. Its gone so far that campaigns to boycott grocers have stemmed from the fact that a tangential ad was placed on a right-wing site.

I repeat, they don’t directly target the right-wing sites with which they have a problem, they target unrelated businesses and make real individuals lives miserable until they submit rather than fight the good fight.  Who expects a grocer to be under a constant barrage of threats? Of course they will pull their ads rather than stick to principle. They have a families to feed too.


This has been going on for some time, that’s true.  The only difference is that ostensibly serious journalists are now partaking in the affair.

Here’s how Thought Catalog described the actions of these losers:

One favorite tactic that SJWs use to quash all opposition is doxxing – they will publish the personal information (real name, job, phone number, address, and so forth) of anyone that they deem to have committed an act of thoughtcrime, then they will usually encourage people to commit acts of violence against that person in real life and will do their best to have that person fired from wherever they work at.

Now, Salon, Buzzfeed, Vox and other associated outlets where such SJWs get their news do not explicitly ask SJWs to harass conservatives.  They don’t need to.  All these organizations have to do is mention some idea that is promoted by an outlet and then mention who still advertises there.


When they really don’t care about appearances, some of these journalists join in the fray:

Take a recent article from Salon’s Matthew Sheffield entitled: “Study: Right-wing clickbait websites more popular on Facebook than Fox News.”  Shefflied is courting the most easily recognizable Mainstream Media outlet for a reason, this is a tacit indication that liberals are willing to begrudgingly accept a non-controversial conservative like Fox but that it’s totally unacceptable for AFF Media or Western Journalism to flourish.

Sheffield laments:

These junk pages, most of which employ almost no one with real journalism experience, enjoyed more influence on Facebook in the 2016 presidential election than more traditional conservative media organizations like the Washington Times, the New York Post or the Washington Examiner. The conspiracy-peddling Breitbart News, Conservative Tribune and Gateway Pundit sites even beat Fox News Channel, the researchers found.

I spoke to Sheffield briefly while researching for this piece and even he was ready to admit that Salon publishes sensational clickbait just like every other publication.  He just didn’t want to admit that his goal was the destruction of right-wing journalists. Take a look:


Now, I can’t say for certain whether Salon has such a chip on its shoulder due to the fact that it is losing over a half-million dollars per quarter, but it probably isn’t making them feel too good about themselves.  Liberals really want to feel good about themselves.

You might wonder how the hell Salon keeps its doors open when it can’t manage to make a dime.  That’s a good consideration–they’re working with Wall Street.  From the looks of it, they might have widespread connections to sites like the Wall Street Journal and People magazine–they serve content from these sites in the corner of every article.  It isn’t a stretch to imagine a website doomed to fail like Salon is being used exclusively to disrupt the competitors of other sites while they spend their last months limping on.

The Plan: Facebook Is Ground Zero

Since the writers at Salon and other liberal outlets like CNN have been unable to convince readers to think as they do, they’ve turned to destroying the publications that readers prefer to read.  This is what the left does at every available opportunity.  There’s no shortage of unemployed liberals willing to sit on the phone all day harassing employers or advertisers until they cave to whatever pressure is being demanded at that time.  Sleeping Giants -Take a look at the twitter page and you will see an endless stream of liberals harassing advertisers. It never stops — there has been a continuous flow since last December.

They’ve been hard at work writing piece after piece after piece about the success of such right wing institutions and how to foil their gains. The envy writers at Salon and other outlets feel towards these sites weighs down their endless iterations with the most transparent propaganda you will ever read. They write as though the sky is falling and that large pieces of it are crashing down on all the honest journalists in America, leaving only scoundrels like myself left to relay the news to our respective audiences.

Their goal is simple: they want the liberal readers of BuzzFeed and CNN (and all the other sites read by people that used to read Salon) now frequent to attack the advertisers of Breitbart and other conservative outlets.

Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. No one has ever accused a liberal of being original (unless of course they were referring to the creation of an endless stream of imaginary genders)!

Why is this threat so credible?

If you recall from above, most recently Breitbart was bombarded with an endless campaign to destroy their revenue stream. Journalists from a host of liberal enclaves descended on corporations left and right insisting that they pull their ads from the right-wing outlet linked to Steve Bannon.

While journalists never outright asked these organizations to stop serving ads and paying Breitbart, the sheer volume of callers asking if they intended to stop serving ads could only be motivated with one goal in mind: capitulation.

But there is something you can do about it: fight back. These organizations are run by liberal monsters but they are backed by greedy, money-hungry bankers. I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I think we all know what bankers fear most: attention.

Here are the names of the people responsible for Salon:

Jordan Hoffner – he began his career with NBC the news organization that gave $200 million to Buzzfeed

Richard MacWilliams – is co-founder and Managing Partner of Vista Capital Advisors

William Hambrecht – founded the San Francisco-based financial services firm WR Hambrecht + Co

Trevor Colhoun – is a Managing Member of Spear Point Capital Management LLC.

Ron Bienvenu – is a Managing Member of Spear Point Capital Management LLC.

All of these people are easy to reach at their offices.  I, for one, will be asking them why they think the unethical practices of disparaging competitive organizations is acceptable.



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