In Wisconsin, Trump Eviscerates Cruz’s Globalist Economics By Doing THIS

Trump: The only voice for Wisconsin’s Workers

In a final push to prevent Wisconsin Primary voters from becoming Ted Cruz’s April Fools, Donald Trump gave the first of his three rallies today.

Speaking to a packed house in Racine, Wisconsin, Trump came out swinging.

Hammering home the economic downfalls of the Kaisch and Cruz trade doctrine, he informed the crowd that the former was a vocal supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) while the latter plans to vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


Trump referenced the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s manufacturing report that warned many of Wisconsin’s manufacturing jobs had been lost as a result of NAFTA and the poorly negotiated trade deals — a fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics seems to confirm: just under 70,000 jobs have left the state for overseas options as a result of NAFTA. Politicians are just appeasers, they aren’t deal-makers like Trump because they’ve never learned to walk away from the negotiating table in their entire lives.

Cruz’s War On Jobs

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The TPP will do even more damage since it does not take into account the way countries like China choose to manipulate their currencies.  This behavior will only hurt the Wisconsin job market more at a time when wages are decreasing and hours are being cut for thousands. And Ted Cruz doesn’t care one bit. In fact, if Cruz has been consistent on anything at all its that he couldn’t care less whether the working class citizen suffers at the hands of his globalist policy.  Back in 2011, he was against a bill that would have penalized China for their currency scheme. Trump supported it and Mitt Romney agreed with Trump at the time–before flipflopping like Romney always does.


Trump is the only candidate that has remained a consistent force in opposition to the Club For Growth’s agenda.  When Cruz was representing a Chinese company that stole from an American business, Trump was lambasting Chinese swindlers.  When Kasich was playing his role in the Lehman Brothers’ economic collapse, Trump was concerned about the path we were headed on.


If you believe an out of touch DC insider masquerading as an outsider should be our leader, don’t vote Trump. If you think a governor from Ohio that helped contribute to the greatest market downfall since the Great Depression should be at the helm of our economic policy, don’t vote Trump. But if you think that this nation needs a straight-talking, conservative businessman that will look out for the interests of the entrepreneur and the worker alike, there is only one candidate that deserves your vote: Donald J. Trump.

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God Bless.


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