Conservatives are celebrating after one of their most loathed adversaries is finally gone.

As many are aware, Minnesota Democrat Al Franken had come under fire for being a creepy pervert, leading to him announce that he would be retiring sometime in January. There was a lot of speculation that his promise was nothing more than lip service in order for Democrats to win the special election in Alabama, but as it turns out that wasn’t the case.


A pack of Democrats, led by NY Sen. Gillibrand, were insistent upon him leaving the Senate due to the allegations against him, ostensibly so they could weaponize such allegations against Republican candidates in the future, and their efforts paid off.

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According to the CBS News report, Franken spent the day on Tuesday packing up his desk and departing Capitol Hill, where he spent years pushing progressive policies.


Sen. Al Franken’s resignation took effect Tuesday, weeks after he announced from the Senate floor that he would step down after the majority of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate urged him to do so. Multiple women claimed that Franken inappropriately touched them or attempted to kiss them.

“I write to resign my seat as a United States Senator for the State of Minnesota effective at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time on January 2, 2018,” Franken wrote in his letter to Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, which was obtained by a CBS Minnesota reporter.


“Serving the State of Minnesota in the U.S. Senate has been a privilege and an honor,” Franken continued. “I am grateful to Minnesotans for giving me the chance to serve our state and our nation, and I am proud to have worked on their behalf.”

While we can all rejoice at the fact that another Democrat slime ball has been eradicated from Congress, we shouldn’t get too excited just yet. In fact, the Daily Caller wrote a piece reminding us exactly why Franken’s departure, which may seem like a good thing on the surface, could spell serious trouble for Republicans in the future.

Three weeks after volunteering as Democratic Party tribute Hunger-Games-Style, Al Franken has finally relinquished his Senate seat. Operation: Moral High Ground, the Democrats’ transparent plan to claim victory in America’s #metoo moment, was a simple one.

Step One: Run Al Franken out of town. No ethics investigation. No consideration of Minnesota voters. No censure or lesser discipline. Just an aggressive Franken-ectomoy.

Step Two: Sit back and wait for alleged pedophile Roy Moore to win a Senate seat in Alabama’s special election.

Step Three: Make sure Franken’s exit shares a news cycle with Roy Moore’s entrance. It would have been the Holy Grail of partisan juxtaposition—the split-screen video image to end all split screen video images.

Step Four: Scream into the echo chamber that Republicans are the Roy Moore party and Democrats are the party of women.

But Roy Moore lost, and Operation: Moral High Ground turned out to be an Acme rocket that blew up Al Franken and left Senate Republicans Meep-Meeping as they ran down the road to tax reform. In the end, the Democratic Party sacrificed one of their most high-profile Senators without gaining one square inch of moral high ground.

There should have been an ethics investigation. Unfortunately for Franken, there wasn’t time for any sort of fact-finding or due process; there was only time for politically expedient, angry mob justice.

So basically, Franken became the sacrificial lamb for the Democrats in future elections.

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