LOOK What Just Happened To The FIRST Woman To Join The Navy SEALs Under Obama’s New Rules

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In January, Barack Obama made it so that women could join the Navy SEALs, and two women were brave enough to try.

To be a SEAL, you have to be the fittest, strongest, toughest, and most mentally durable people in the military. The training is not easy, and it’s for a reason; when times get tough, SEALs get tougher.

So it stands to reason, given the criteria required to be a SEAL, women would have a difficult time with it, and not because the rules are sexist. Women aren’t as physically strong as men, so they can’t live up to the standards required from the SEALs, which is no fault of their own.

In fact, if a woman were to be able to make it through the training, she would be the exception, not the rule. Proof of this comes from the story of the first woman to enlist to become a part of the elite fighting force.

According to the Washington Examiner, she dropped out after just the first week of training.

“The unidentified female candidate dropped out in early August during a three-week course in San Diego that began July 24. It was the first assessment of potential SEAL officers before they can be sent on to more grueling courses, according to the website, which cited ‘multiple Naval Special Warfare Command sources.'”

According to reports, there’s still one other female enlisted in the Navy special operations, and she’s training to be a part of the Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman program (SWCC).

Unfortunately, women just aren’t cut out for combat, generally speaking. Studies have shown that integrated units have been found to be far less effective and more injury-prone than their all-male counterparts, placing everyone in those units at greater risk on the battlefield.

Quite simply put, the military isn’t the place to be conducting social experiments. Our soldiers deserve to know that every possible effort is being made to bring them home alive, and integrating units falls far short of those expectations.

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