BREAKING: Florida Becomes First State To Do THIS- DemocrRATs Can No Longer CHEAT And They Are PISSED OFF- Look What Just Happened


The 2020 Presidential election was stolen from PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP and we all know it.


The anti-Trump RINOs worked with Democrats to make sure that Trump lost.

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The Communist media did everything they could to hide Biden from staying in his basement.


BIG-TECH played a huge role by banning President Trump from their shitty liberal platforms and made damn sure the public didn’t see what a filthy, scumbag criminal Hunter Biden is.

The election was rigged in so many ways it’s sickening.


Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel reports that Congressional Republicans are not in a position at the moment to do much about it. But Republicans at the state level are, and they are acting.

The most recent example of Republicans acting to protect the integrity of future elections is Florida, which is quickly becoming the example for all other red states to follow.

Breitbart News reports:

The Florida legislature is the latest to take action on basic election integrity measures, passing a bill this week which would add restrictions to voting by mail and ballot harvesting and enhance voter ID requirements, among other items.

The bill, SB 90, passed in the Senate 23-17 and the House 77-40, sending it to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) desk.

The bill makes a number of changes, including banning the use of private money to fund election operations, installing further restrictions on absentee voting and ballot harvesting by third-party operators, and improving signature verification.

Specifically, the bill cracks down on vote by mail, requiring voters to request to vote by mail ‘more regularly’ and restricts third-party voter registration organizations, per NBC News.

ABC News added:

In addition to new drop-box provisions, the Florida bill also bars local agencies from accepting outside money for nearly all election-related expenses and from mailing unsolicited ballots to voters; expands the no-solicitation zone outside polling facilities by 50 feet; reduces the number of elections a single vote-by-mail application covers; imposes new voter ID requirements for updating one’s registration record and applying for a mail ballot; allows counties to begin canvassing returned mail ballots sooner pre-election; sets up a state-run ‘live turnout data’ dashboard for Election Day turnout and election night mail ballot processing; and gives poll watchers, candidates, political parties and committees, or their designees, more access to certain election processes and materials.

Republicans in the states are acting to protect what remains of our republic. If they don’t, the country is gone and we need to start thinking about radical solutions like banding together in like-minded communities.


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God Bless.

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