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Newly released court documents show Scott Nelson tortured Jennifer Fulford before he allegedly murdered her, according to reports. (Winter Park Police)


There are some truly, truly sick people in the world, the kind who brutally and gruesomely destroy innocent life and deserve to swing from the gallows.

Scott Nelson, a man from Florida who murdered a nanny and left her body in the woods is just such a fellow.

Jennifer Fulford, 56, disappeared in late September, on the 27th,  and her body was later spotted from a police helicopter.

Nelson absolutely brutalized Fulford. The victim was stabbed and suffocated, her wrists and ankles bound. This all happened before the body was moved to the woods.

Fox News has more:

She was last seen the morning of Sept. 27 leaving a dental office in Winter Park. Her husband, Robert, had posted on Facebook that his wife’s purse was inside a home where she worked as a nanny, and she didn’t pick up her boss’s son from school, prompting concern.

Robert Fulford had detected a $300 withdrawal from their joint bank account that night. Scott Edward Nelson, 53, was later caught on surveillance footage using Fulford’s ATM card.

Nelson was initially arrested on Oct. 1 for violating his probation, according to the Orlando Sentinel. But he is now being charged in connection to Fulford’s murder, the newspaper reported.

He sent a letter to a federal judge in November claiming that he didn’t murder Fulford, writing, “Allegedly, I kidnapped/murdered a woman in Winter Park and have spoken to no law enforcement. Their [sic] are many things they don’t know!”

Oh. Would you look at that. The old “I swear I didn’t do it, Officer!” routine. Yeah, probably not going to help the guy get out of this pickle.

Fulford’s car was found abandoned in a parking lot a few days after her body was located. Police found a bloody towel, a t-shirt, and a watch, all of which the victim was wearing the day she was killed. Forensics ran tests on the blood soaked towel and the results matched Fulford’s DNA.

Nelson is facing some steep charges including murder, kidnapping, carjacking, burglary, robbery with a deadly weapon and hindering communication with law enforcement.

This is the kind of man who absolutely deserves the death penalty and hopefully that’s what will be sought for this case.

Justice is all about restitution. It’s impossible for Nelson to restore the life of Jennifer Fulford, and therefore, the only way to have restitution, to have justice is for his life to be made forfeit.

To some, mostly bleeding heart liberals, the death penalty is somehow inconsistent with a pro-life worldview, but the truth of the matter is quite the opposite. How can someone claim that life is precious, special, and a gift to be treasured if they don’t support putting murderers like Nelson to death?

If life is precious and you value justice, then the most egregious crime on the planet is murdering another human being, and the punishment for such has to be severe enough to communicate life’s value.

Anyway, here’s to hoping justice is served piping hot for this scum bag.



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