BREAKING: Four Cops Shot In South Carolina, Suspect Is…

“Our main concern is for our guys who in the hospital right now,  We could really use your prayers, and we could really use your thoughts right now for those officers.”


The man accused of shooting four South Carolina law enforcement officers early Tuesday morning was found with several “long guns” and was previously arrested for assaulting an officer, FOX NEWS reports, 


York County, South Carolina Sheriffs department was dispatched out to a Domestic Violence call around 10 PM, according to the Sheriffs Department.

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Upon arrival they found that the male suspect had fled the scene, they were told he fled on foot.  Deputies requested K9 units, upon arrival the K9 units were released to track the suspect.


Shortly after 0100, the K9’s and Deputies came under fire from the suspect, striking one of the K9’s as well as a Police Helicopter.  The LEO helicopter was struck twice but no injuries to personnel were reported.


The search continued for the suspect, as Sheriff Deputies searched the woods they came under fire around 0330, 3 officers were shot.  Sheriffs Department is not saying what weapons were used other than, “suspect had several long guns on him at the time.”

The search lasted approximately 6 hours until Sheriff Deputies were able to track down 47-year-old Christian Thomas McCall and place him custody.

McCall received gunshot wounds while exchanging fire with the Law Enforcement on scene.  He was transported to a local hospital with “serious injuries”.

According to local News WSOCTV:

Three more law enforcement officers — two deputies and a York police officer — were shot. Two of them were flown to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte while the third was taken to CMC by ambulance. All three were SWAT team members wearing their tactical gear, Faris said.

No names have been released, but Faris said one of the officers underwent surgery and was recovering. The other three officers were still in surgery.

Faris said one of the officers was critically wounded.

McCall lives in the home with his wife and 3 children, neighbors were stunned to find out about the shooting.

McCall was described as a quite man who minded his own business, walked the neighborhood and talked to people only when they spoke to him.  McCall never caused trouble nor did he ever threaten or intimidate anyone in the neighborhood.

“This is the worst-case scenario for officers and their families, and right now we are concerned about all of them,” York Police Chief Andy Robinson told Channel 9’s partners at The Herald. “This is what we hope never happens.”

State Law Enforcement Division spokesman, Thom Berry, said McCall has an arrest from 1994 when he was charged with assault, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

Prayers go out to the Officers that were on scene and those who received wounds during the firefight.  

Law Enforcement dress out daily and do their duty, much to the unthankful public, as LEO have come under a political movement for shootings involving citizens.

Ok, so now blunt truth, Black Lives Matter started this assault and hate on LEO because they feel officer involved shootings with black people, is never the thugs fault, so they slander and preach violence and hate towards LEO.

Blunt truth will offend some, may even piss some people off, I do not care, the truth cannot be ignored or twisted to fit ones political beliefs.

A very small percentage of LEO are corrupt, racist and carry out their hate as they wear a badge, for the most part, LEO carry out their duty with honor and valor.

Though I disagree with the collection of city and county taxes via road violation tickets, I know it is part of their job and keeping the roads safe is a necessary evil.

With stand united with the BLUE that wear their uniform with Honor and Valor, that carry out their duty with respect and vigilance in, “serving and protecting” the citizens of the United States.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.






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