FOX News Analyst Calls GOP “An Anti-America Party”


For several years Fox News was the go to for getting news for those of us on the right but those days are gone.

Fox is now ANTI-TRUMP and is leaning to the left.


Their days are numbered. They are fricking liberal with a few exceptions.


It’s been obvious for a while now that Juan Williams is still employed by Fox News solely because the network knows that its audience likes to get angry about his absurdly leftwing opinions.

The shtick must be wearing thin because Williams has lately found himself needing to put out increasingly absurd statements and articles to grab attention and  remind us all that being the resident Democrat at Fox News does not lessen his animosity towards Republicans.

Juan Williams calls GOP anti-America

The latest piece by Juan Williams in The Hill declares that the Republican Party is “anti-America,” a statement which could, in a neutral setting, be taken one of two ways.


One could argue that the establishment of the Republican Party in D.C. has acted in an anti-America fashion in cooperating and compromising with leftists who actively hate this country.

Williams , however, really means anti-Democrat when he says anti-America, a description which is giving the likes of Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham far too much credit.

The piece for The Hill expresses a concern that the GOP is scheming to launch a coup in 2024 and take over the country by force. This again begs some questions regarding why Fox News still pays this man to be a political analyst.

What Juan Williams calls a “coup” is what the rest of us would refer to as his party losing the 2024 election. To ensure that doesn’t happen Williams says that he would like to see the GOP as a whole included in the list of enemies of democracy being compiled by the White House.

This would involve declaring that half of the country should be subjected to the war on domestic terror being created by the FBI and White House, a very totalitarian proposal from someone claiming to be a proponent of democracy.

A disturbing call to action

Williams cites the fact that a recent New York Times survey of Democratic political strategists found unanimous agreement that their opponents are an anti-America threat to democracy. Shocking results!

He echoes a common theme being espoused by Democrats and the media which holds that the GOP is undermining public trust in the American government.

If you gathered 10,000 people from every corner of the globe and asked them how willing they would be to blindly trust the U.S. federal government you would quickly find that there is not much trust left for the GOP to undermine.

Joe Biden’s government might be the one blowing up children in the Middle East and threatening parents who criticize the public school system but the real anti-America threat comes from the party which couldn’t even force a serious investigation into its own claims of voter fraud.

The piece ends with a call for “every American, including the president, to stand up and act before it is too late” to counter the supposed election stealing agenda of the Republicans.

What specific type of action Juan Williams wants the man who is technically the most powerful in the world to take against his domestic opposition is left unstated.

Screw that liberal dirtbag.

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