BREAKING: COMPLETE Freak Event Unfolds At Amusement Park Leaves Man DEAD-Here’s What We Know


This is a strange report that really doesn’t make sense but it actually happened.

A heavily armed man who appeared to be planning to shoot up a mountain top amusement park instead was found dead.

Authorities suspect suicide at this point.

A message was found written on the wall of the women’s bathroom where the man was found, which read, “I am not a killer, I just want to get into the caves.”

The sheriff could not verify whether the man who was found dead wrote the message.

Here’s the press release:

GARFIELD COUNTY, Colorado – A heavily armed man who appeared to be planning to shoot up a mountain top amusement park at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado, killed himself before carrying out his plan, according to authorities.

On the morning of October 28, 2023, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a deceased male at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

The deceased had been located prior to the park opening to the public and was not related to any of the rides or exhibits at the park.

Based upon a preliminary investigation it appeared that the suspect illegally entered the park after hours, when no employees or patrons were present.

The investigation, which spanned the days of October 28 and 29th involved a 22-vear-old male from the Carbondale area.

He was dressed in black colored tactical clothing, bearing patches and emblems that gave the appearance of being associated with law enforcement.

The suspect had been heavily armed with a semiautomatic rifle and semi-automatic handgun and multiple, loaded magazines for both weapons.

He was wearing body armor and what appeared to be a ballistic helmet. Additionally multiple improvised explosive devices, (IEDs), were discovered with the suspect and in a vehicle associated with the suspect.

At the request of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, the Grand Junction Bomb Squad responded to the scene and with their expertise were able to render the devices safe.

The Glenwood Adventure Caverns property was then swept by members of the bomb squad as well as operators from the Garfield County All Hazard Response Team (AHRT) to ensure no other IED’s had been planted around the park or rides.

Our investigation has so far indicated that nobody in the public was at risk; it would appear that the suspect’s actions were limited to the property of the Glenwood Caverns.

The initial two days of the investigation have been carried out in a slow, methodical manner in order to search the property, as well as the suspect’s residence to ensure the safety of the public and to begin to determine the extent of his criminal activity.

The safety of the public, bomb disposal personnel, law enforcement and other first responders was the priority as well as making sure the Caverns were safe to reopen.


“While this investigation is still ongoing and very active it is important to realize that given the amount of weaponry, ammunition, and explosive devices found, the suspect could have implemented an attack of devastating proportions upon our community and first responders,” Garfield County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Walt Stowe said.


Garfield County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO)

Who knows what this lunatic had going on in warped mind.

Thankfully no one was hurt and the man can’t cause any harm to anybody because he is DEAD.

Great work by our Law Enforcement officers.

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