BREAKING: Violence ERUPTS At Trucker’s “Freedom Convoy” Anti Mandate Protest When THIS Happens [VIDEO]


After days of truly peaceful protests with our fellow freedom loving friends across the northern border, notice as soon as counter protestors arrive we have violence and liberal garbage.

This is just we can expect from the people Trudeau bows the knee to, not surprising if this has Trudeau’s stamp of approval all over it.


He said almost nothing when ANTIFA and their kind burned churches last year.

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Canada is similar to America’s democrat run blue states.


By the way we do have guns here but they know we are not allowed to conceal and carry in liberal states so these cowards know they can basically get away with anything because the truckers are not armed.

This kind of violence only happens when the swamp monsters know their targets are unarmed.


Okay so let’s get to the meat of the story.

Global News reports that Winnipeg police say one man is in custody after a hit-and-run injured four people in front of the Manitoba Legislative Building Friday night, where demonstrators opposed to public health orders and vaccine mandates were camped out in big rigs and vehicles at the Trucker’s “Freedom Convoy” Anti Mandate Protest.

The suspect is facing multiple charges including assault.

Police say they received word of the incident near Memorial Boulevard and Broadway just before 10 pm.

Officers were initially told that a Jeep Patriot had driven through a group of protesters before speeding off.

With help from Mounties, city police say the vehicle eventually came to a stop where the driver was arrested “after a brief struggle.”

Winnipeg police spokesperson Const. Rob Carver says four people were hurt in the hit-and-run, three of whom suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene by paramedics.

A fourth person was treated in hospital and later released.

A video that appears to have been taken from the dashboard of one of the semi-trucks parked on Memorial Boulevard facing the legislature.

It appears to show an SUV speeding up suddenly, striking the back of a second vehicle and then hitting a person before driving out of view.

This video is unconfirmed but is said to be from tonight in Winnipeg. It appears to show a vehicle at 0:40, some kind of Jeep, hitting several people and speeding off.

Thankfully nobody was killed by this lunatic.

This is no different than the “summer of love” in 2020 that America saw leading up to the stolen election. At this point you either stand on the side of freedom or you’re part of the problem and nothing more than a puppet on a string waiting for your liberal masters to pull.

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God Bless.

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