BREAKING News From Newt Gingrich- Drops A Major Bombshell About What Pelosi Is Doing And It’s BAD

Newt Gingrich Warns That “Pelosi Is Ramming Through Her Policies” Using Democratic Machine Legislation

Newt Gingrich is finally saying what Conservatives and Republicans have been saying for years- that Nancy Pelosi has far more power, especially under the Biden regime, than Biden and he is supposed to be the President of our nation.


Obviously the power does not stop at Pelosi, she is not the head of the snake but she certainly is part of the party who desires Americans to take a knee or take a dirt nap, so-to-speak.

Breitbart reports that Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed the legislative process used by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to ram through the Democrats’ legislation.

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Gingrich told John Catsimatidis, host of New York WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” that members of the House are acting like “robots” in voting in-step with Pelosi. He said the “machine-like” process is “a total collapse of the legislative process.”


“I think that it really tells you how the system is evolving that they’re ramming through all of this legislation,” Gingrich said of the House. “They have a five-vote margin, and basically, they’re saying to their members, ‘You don’t have to read anything. You don’t have to know what’s in it. We don’t have to have any hearings. You can’t offer any amendments. All you need to know is show up and vote yes.’ And It is the most machine-like House I can remember going back to Joe Cannon in around 1905. And these folks don’t represent anybody except Nancy Pelosi. And so, they walk in. They’re told, ‘We’re bringing up this next bill and vote yes.’ And they go, ‘Absolutely.’ And it’s a total collapse of the legislative process.”


A little late to the table Gingrich, Biden started on day 1 eradicating vital policies that were implemented to protect our citizens and our national security.

Pelosi seems to have been in charge of the Capitol and D.C. which is why we are seeing it turned into a fortress that will be guarded by her own private forces.

The GARBAGE PARTY (Democrats) do not care about any opposition nor do they seemingly face any, as of right now, they are doing whatever they want and with no accountability.

Breitbart concluded Gingrich’s warning about the current regime’s illegal overreach:

“[T]he Democrats are expected to automatically vote yes no matter what. I mean, it’s working, but it has nothing to do with a free society or a representative government,” he continued. “It’s just pure machine politics. And that to me has been probably the biggest surprise of what’s happened so far this year.”

Gingrich later added, “[Y]ou’re getting an automatic, robotic, you know, sort of like Pelosi’s robots are walking out there, and they’re voting yes automatically. If the Republicans offer an amendment — even if it’s a smart amendment — they vote no automatically.  The same thing is happening in the Senate.”

This goes far beyond Marxism and directly into communism under dictatorship with full control over “We The People”.  People can speculate over this and decide for themselves, but are what they are.

Do not expect this to change or slow down, this is just the beginning and promises to get even worse as the noose tightens over freedoms and protected rights.

This has nothing to do with peace and unity, healing a nation and its citizens or even a splinter of hope that we will see our nation calm and start healing.

We are screwed.

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God Bless.

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