BREAKING News From SECDEF- This Is Extremely Serious Patriots

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin- All U.S. Military Will Now Be On 60 Day Stand Down. Here Is The Reason Why and It Will Piss You Off!

The purge continues.


Biden and his fellow Commies are basically attacking our military members, digging into their political and other belief’s and if they don’t align with the democrat agenda they could very well face serious consequences.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday ordered U.S. military commanders at every single unit across the force to focus for the next 60 days on discussing extremism with service members, Breitbart reports.

“Today, I met with senior leaders to discuss extremism in the military. As a first step, I’m ordering a stand down to occur over the next 60 days so each service, each command and each unit can have a deeper conversation about this issue. It comes down to leadership. Everyone’s,” he tweeted Wednesday.

How do you create a military of loyalists and get rid of any that would stand for Liberty and the Constitution?  According to the Biden administration, you label them political extremists and white supremacists.


By providing soldiers with a debriefing by command, it now makes it punishable to U.S. soldiers if they do not do exactly what they are told when it comes to ‘political extremism.’

Breitbart furthered their report, Austin, the department’s first black defense secretary, had vowed during his confirmation hearing on January 19, 2021, to “rid our ranks of racists and extremists.”

Pentagon officials say they are not sure yet how big the problem of extremism in the military is.

According to the New York Times, the FBI notified the Department of Defense it had opened criminal investigations involving 143 current or former service members in 2020. Of those, 68 were related to domestic extremism cases, and one-quarter of those were associated with white nationalism.

It is no longer allowed to have free-will and freedom to your own beliefs, one must now take a knee to the new orders or be punished.

The military has long had guidelines and standards to keep out white supremacy and other hate groups and individuals.  The military already has had long standing orders on tattoos and how soldiers are supposed to conduct themselves.

It is clear that with the new directives, it is directed at anyone they deem as a “patriot” to the constitution and the citizens.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby cited the protests at the Capitol on January 6 to contest the results of the 2020 presidential election, where some pro-Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building and engaged in violence with police.

He said the presence of veterans and active-duty service members at the protests was a “wake-up call” for the Pentagon.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) called the stand down a “political litmus test” for the military.

“Biden’s Defense Secretary ordered a 60 day service-wide stand down to address ‘extremism’ within the US Military. This is nothing but a political litmus test of our brave men & women. It is obscene & dangerous to use soldiers who risk their lives for America as political pawns,” Boebert tweeted.

We also reported on Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) is pushing President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to include social media posts as part of a military recruit’s background check, in order to prevent “white-supremacists and extremists” from joining the military, Breitbart reports.

Speier wrote in a January 29, 2021, letter to Biden, Austin, and Haines that the Department of Defense and the U.S. Government at large are not “effectively screening servicemembers and other individuals with sensitive roles for white-supremacist and violent extremist ties.”

The United States military used to train soldiers to be as one, regardless of race and color, the only color that mattered was red, as everyone’s blood is red.

Now it appears that the Department of Defense will weaken our military, maybe to remove anyone who is not a democrat loyalist that will follow orders against American citizens who oppose the elites overreach and abuse of powers.   That is clearly just a thought and not meant as anything other than something to ponder.

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