BREAKING News From The FEDS- Look Where They Are DUMPING Illegal Aliens

Biden’s Feds Are “Dropping Off” Illegal Aliens In THIS Arizona Town And The Mayor Is PISSED OFF! 

The mayor of Gila Bend, Arizona, told Fox News on Monday he is very concerned about the escalating crisis at the Mexican border as news broke of a potentially large influx of illegal immigrants heading for his community.


Mayor Chris Riggs, an independent, told “Your World” that his town ‒ about halfway between Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico and Phoenix ‒ is essentially being made into a waypoint for illegal immigrants captured by federal authorities.

He told host Charles Payne that Gila Bend is already “very economically depressed” and that it does not have even the basic resources necessary for what he fears could be an expensive unfunded mandate of sorts.

As the southern border crisis continues to escalate under Biden’s treacherous border “open door” policies, it is communities that are feeling the full effect.

Our nation is already ill-prepared for the growing fuel prices, cost-of-living jump and with the threat of new taxes, it is just going to get worse, now add in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into new cities that are already suffering, this leads down a very dangerous crisis.


Fox News continued with a statement from the mayor of Gila Bend, Arizona:

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“We can barely afford to take care of the people that we have here and our community now, and as of this second, the Border Patrol advised us that they’re going to drop people off here and do sort of like: ‘They’re your problem’,” said Riggs.


“We just do not have the ability to care for these people. Quite frankly, it’s going to cost us tens of thousands of dollars a year to be able to just to provide them with a bottle of water and a sandwich when they get dropped off.”

Riggs said that other than the notification his town will be a drop-off location for captured illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, the feds are not providing any crucial information, such as coronavirus infection rates of the migrants, the number of migrants Gila Bend can expect to see, or any other basic data.

One of the Mayor’s top concerns is the lack of any COVID-19 information from the government on the illegal aliens that will be dropped off in his city.

Breitbart reports:

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Gila Bend, AZ Mayor Chris Riggs stated that his city is “completely in the dark” on the migrants that will be placed in his city, and the federal government can’t give information on the backgrounds of people being placed in Gila Bend, “They can’t tell us what their health issues are.” Riggs also stated that “we just do not have the ability to care for these people.”

Riggs said, “At this point, what we’re looking at is, we’re a very economically depressed community. We can barely afford to take care of the people that we have here in our community now. And, as of the 2nd, Border Patrol advised us they’re basically going to drop people off here and…they’re your problem. And we just do not have the ability to care for these people. And, quite frankly, it’s going to cost us tens of thousands of dollars a year to be able just to provide them with a bottle of water and a sandwich when they get dropped off. Because they’re not able to give us how many. They can’t give us what background[s] on these people are. They can’t tell us what their health issues are. I’ve got a lot of seniors and elders here…that are very susceptible to COVID.

He added, “We are completely in the dark. And we’ve asked [for] documentation, some kind of documentation, give us something. And we’re still not getting anything.”

This is just one of many drop off cities that the feds are using, with others not even being listed, it sets up a very dangerous precedent for American citizens being put in harms way by the acting President regime of Biden and Harris.

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