Following FULL COURT Press Against Trump, Glenn Beck Receives Devastating News

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Glenn Beck loves him some Ted Cruz. In fact, he loves Cruz so much that he’s spent the last several months shilling for him at every turn, and now it appears to have caught up to him.

If there’s one thing that Donald Trump’s campaign has done, it’s shaken up the media and political status quos. We’ve watched as long-time conservative groups have collapsed due to infighting, and we’ve seen Fox News lose its dominance over cable news ratings after 15 years, all of which is due to one person – Donald Trump.

But while the Trump train doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum, yet another entity that’s stood up to the billionaire is floundering, and it’s not going to end too well. Glenn Beck owns TheBlaze media empire, and thanks to both his incessant shilling for Cruz and his staunch anti-Trump stance, he’s watching it crumble right beneath him.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough spoke about Beck’s downfall in a segment on Morning Joe, and it’s safe to say that old Glenn should focus a little less on derailing the Trump train, and a little more on keeping his empire afloat.

The Daily Caller has more:

“If I were Glenn Beck,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe,” “I’d be more concerned about my collapsing TV empire than campaigning [for Cruz].”

While Beck has been out campaigning for Cruz, Scarborough said, “he kept missing shows and took his eye off the ball.”

“Anyway, that didn’t work out well,” Scarborough said, referring to Beck’s campaigning, “Did you hear about that? [Beck] fired, like, I heard 60 people and got rid of his TV…all of his TV operations and a lot of the people said he was so obsessed, campaigning for Ted Cruz that he kept missing shows and took his eye off the ball.”

Just last week on one of his shows, Beck revealed that so far he’s lost over a half of a million dollars campaigning for Cruz, which doesn’t seem like a wise investment considering Trump all but has the nomination locked down. Whether or not he’s able to recover from this remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain; Beck, along with the other #NeverTrump people, have permanently damaged their reputations with conservatives, and coming back from it is definitely going to be difficult.

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