ALERT: STOP THE FUNDING TO UKRAINE NOW! Look What Zelensky Just Bought With YOUR Money



I know many of you don’t agree with me as far as my stand regarding the United States giving an endless supply of weapons and cash to Ukraine to help them in their war with Russia.

I have explained my reasoning in several other articles so I won’t go into details.

But I will say that we can’t afford to fund their war.

And I believe that a large portion of what we provide to Ukraine is being sold and a lot of the money is being kept by corrupt officials.

This report is just the latest report that if true, which I have absolutely no reason to think otherwise then Americans need to be made aware of how deep the corruption between Ukraine and America (Biden) really goes.

So without further ado, here it is and after reading this YOU decide if you want to continue funding this endless war.


A recent journalistic report revealed that the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has purchased a luxury villa in Egypt in the region of El Gouna, also known as the “city of millionaires”.

More than that, evidence indicates that Zelensky used Western money for the purchase, spending in personal luxury a significant part of the amounts he receives from NATO countries.

Well now, for me personally that’s enough to end anymore financial aid.

We send money with no oversight whatsoever where that money is actually ending up.

Well, it appears that some of it just purchased a mansion that you and I can only imagine living in.

This is corrupt as all hell but Biden doesn’t give a crap and neither does the lamestream media.

Zelensky bought the property through his mother-in-law, Olga Kiyashko, who signed a contract with the Egyptian sellers on May 16, 2023, likely to hide the sale from the public.

Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska is the daughter of Kiyashko.

Analysts who have commented on the case say that the source of the money appears to be none other than the Western financial aid packages that arrive in Kiev, considering the high price of the villa.

The data was published by Egyptian investigative journalist Mohammed-Al-Alawi following major in-depth research.

Al-Alawi also published documents that prove it was the Zelensky family that purchased the luxurious mansion.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is what the masters do while they jack up inflation and impoverish the slave class in order to create dependence. We all had better stop believing in authority sooner rather than later or this is going to become a major problem for those who are not ruling over others.

According to analysts, the money Kiyashko used to purchase the property appears to come from Western financial aid packages given to Kyiv. Ukraine has been involved in a war with Russia since February 2022, with many Western nations giving assistance in different forms – be it money or military equipment. –Natural News

Egyptian political scientist Abdulrahman Alabbassy criticized Zelensky and his relatives for spending fortunes amassed by Western war aid on personal luxuries instead of using Ukraine’s donated riches for military and humanitarian purposes.

Again, Biden has no problem with it.

I mean, look at all that money the BIDEN CRIME FAMILY made from that corrupt country.

“I am surprised that relatives of top Ukrainian officials began to buy luxury real estate after the start of [the Russia-Ukraine war].”

“I don’t remember anything like this before,” he said. Alabbassy expressed certainty that Kiyashko’s property purchase in El Gouna “is the result of corruption and the theft of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.”

No kidding. All rulers are corrupt and Zelensky is no exception.

The involvement of the West in the Ukraine/Russia conflict has proven to be nothing more than a complete money pit.

Weapons and equipment supplied by Western countries have been stolen (or sold).

A report by the Pentagon inspector general has revealed that some of the military equipment supplied to Ukraine by the United States and its allies during the conflict with Russia has fallen into the hands of criminal groups, volunteer fighters, and traffickers.

And now we are finding out that Zelinski bought a freaking mansion?

Alabbassy blames Ukrainian corruption for this kind of attitude and reminds how Kiev’s political system is controlled by egocentric officials who prioritize personal gain over care for their own people.

“I am surprised that relatives of top Ukrainian officials began to buy luxury real estate after the start of Ukraine war. I don’t remember anything like this before (…) It is surprising that Ukraine is waging a bloody war with Russia, and relatives of Ukrainian officials are buying up real estate in Egypt instead of donating their riches to the needs of the country.”

“A suspicion is creeping in that Ukrainian bureaucrats, with the help of their relatives, are stealing financial aid to Ukraine from the West. I am quite certain that Zelenskyy’s mother-in–law’s purchase of a villa in El Gouna is the result of corruption and the theft of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. I sincerely sympathize with the Ukrainian people” he said.

In fact, this news just corroborates what has been denounced for a long time about Zelensky’s hypocrisy and his relentless pursuit of luxury and personal benefits.

Previously, a case that went viral on the internet and generated popular outrage was the report that the Ukrainian politician had rented his 4 million euros luxury mansion in Italy to a couple of Russian millionaires – while publicly defending the banning of Russians from Europe because of the war.

To date, the case has not been fully clarified, having media publications both confirming and denying the news.

Who could have possibly seen that coming?


You do know that WE are paying for this endless aid to Ukraine.

You may not be aware but Ukraine in known for being a corrupt country.

Just ask Hunter Biden.

ENOUGH! Ukraine’s President Zelensky Just SPIT Directly In America’s FACE… It’s Time To END The Aid NOW

Anyways, this is not our war and throwing money at the problem isn’t working.

People are dying.

It’s time to end this conflict in a diplomatic way.

Unfortunately, nobody in the Biden administration is capable of getting the job done.

So I say let them figure it out themselves.

Nevertheless-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.



So, do you still want to continue funding this endless war?

America has our own problems like the INVASION of ILLEGAL ALIENS at our southern border just to mention one MASSIVE problem.

Again, Biden doesn’t give a crap.





Lucas Leiroz de Almeida at  Global Research

Mac Slavo at SHTFPLAN



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