FURIOUS Former ICE Director Tom Homan Rips Biden’s Border Policies To Shreds Then Does THIS



Retired ICE Director Tom Homan pushed back on the Department of Homeland secretary claiming the Trump administration ‘gutted the system’ regarding immigration policy.

Homan wrote an op-ed on FOX where he says that it was not long ago that illegal crossings at our southern border were at historic lows. This was during the Trump administration.

The president accomplished this in part by obtaining agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

President Trump also did it by building the wall that he promised to build to protect America and slow illegal entry into the United States. This is a wall that the data clearly shows works and a wall that the experts on the border will attest works.

A mass flux of illegals, though according to Biden, people are not supposed to call them “illegal immigrants” anymore, but these illegal aliens bring with them illnesses, poverty, crime and are transported all over the nation.

A Breitbart report explained:

Border crossers released into the interior of the United States by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials have tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus just as President Joe Biden has denied that there is “a crisis” at the U.S.-Mexico border.

After taking office, Biden reinstated the Catch and Release program where border crossers are freed into the U.S. interior while they await asylum and immigration hearings that many do not ultimately attend, instead opting to live illegally in the country.

Aside from about 25,600 migrants enrolled in the now-canceled Remain in Mexico program, border crossers released into the U.S. interior are not required to test negative for the coronavirus. Instead, communities along the border are being forced to test border crossers themselves.

So the pandemic tests that are needed for citizens are now being used to test the illegals that cross our borders and then released by DHS through buses and planes into communities across our nation. You can read our full report here.

Former President Trump worked diligently and delivered what he had promised, a WALL along our southern border and programs to keep illegal aliens out of our nation.  That is because Trump understood the financial cost to tax payers as well as the severe leech on the government.

Now Biden in his first few months has destroyed our southern borders, left them wide open for human trafficking, drug trafficking as well as national security threats.

Homan continued:

The historic low in illegal border crossings was also due to the Remain in Mexico Program along with the Title 42 designation that would require most illegal aliens to be immediately returned to Mexico because of the COVID pandemic.    

But it doesn’t stop there. President Trump also succeeded by ending catch and release and removing the enticements that cause vulnerable people to put themselves in harm’s way.

Tom Homan is not just a critic of Biden and Harris, he isn’t just some citizen who investigates our borders and goes on Fox News and rants.  Homan is none of those things, he is an expert because he lived it and has seen and done more due to his 35 years experience.


“The legal tools and programs that made our border the most secure I have seen were systematically destroyed by President Biden and his administration in an effort to appease the open borders progressive left.

Once again politics overruled public safety and broader security concerns.

In July 2020, I wrote an op-ed for Fox News where I predicted that if Biden became president we would lose control of our southern border.

I was attacked by many critics who said that I was using scare tactics to get President Trump reelected. Those same critics ignored my almost 35 years spent enforcing immigration law as a Border Patrol agent, special agent and acting ICE director. My experience meant nothing. I was just fear-mongering, according to many.

I have said many things about immigration and the border since I retired in 2018 and I challenge anyone to find anything I have said that hasn’t come true.

There is a surge of illegal immigrants at our border right now and we have already lost control.

There are over 4,000 apprehensions a day and an additional 700 to 1,000 “got-aways,” according to the Border Patrol.”

In our nation we have to bow down and cater to other cultures, these cultures do not have to assimilate to be part of “American Culture” aka The Melting Pot.  Now before you go and start sending me hate emails, what I am saying, is that immigrants come here to be in AMERICA and become Americans because of our pretend freedoms and rights.

Not anymore, now Americans have to change our nation and history to suit their “feelings”.  Our school systems have to have teachers that speak multiple languages and teach their curriculum on a daily basis in multiple languages.  That means our children’s educations have now been cut in half because of the time it takes, stats do not lie, look them up, our school systems are not only failing our children but they are teaching them lies and literally manipulating them with democratic beliefs.

Fox News continued with Tom Homan’s warning on an email that was written by the head of ICE and sent out to heads of ICE departments nation wide:

An email that was written by Tim Perry, chief of staff at ICE, to leadership at the agency was leaked on Feb. 12.  

I’ve seen the email. It gave instructions to ICE leadership that included what Perry called DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ “vision.” The 19 bullet points contained in the email are self-explanatory. However, let me summarize them.   

The current leadership of ICE is actively planning for an out-of-control situation at the border and already calling it a “surge.”  

There are instructions to leaders to spend whatever money is needed to transport those who cross into the U.S. illegally into the interior of the country and release them as soon as possible.  

They are instructed to end contracts for detention that actually have detention standards and try to contract with Target to get detention capacity at man camps that are typically used to house oil field workers and have no ICE detention standards at all.  

Perry also instructs the leadership team that sworn officers and fences are to be avoided. After all, we can’t have anything that look like it is an enforcement operation because the progressives think that is bad.  

The leadership team instructs that they want social services and mass release on ATD (Alternatives to Detention), even though the ICE website clearly shows about one-third of the people on ATD quickly abscond and only about 3% of people actually deported are on ATD. That’s because it takes three to seven years to deport someone who is not in custody. 

What happens to them now?   

They will all get amnesty based on the new Biden amnesty bill despite the fact they entered the country illegally, lost their case, were order removed and became fugitives. Under the current administration, what is the punishment for ignoring a judge’s order and becoming a fugitive? Amnesty.   

Yes, this email is all about processing people as quickly as possible and releasing them into the interior of the United States.   

The email was all about assisting those who will commit immigration fraud and defy a court order.   

This is literally government human-trafficking and will have deep impacts in our nation and oh yea, it is ILLEGAL!

The democrats have turned on their own citizens with their witch hunts on republicans and conservatives who they deem as “political extremists and white supremacists”.  It is being portrayed as “domestic terrorism” as to scare the sheep, once scared that is all they pay attention too (just look at COVID-19 for an example).  All the while they have turned our southern border into a national security nightmare and have gone into business with 3rd world nations to flood ours.



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