SPECIAL REPORT: Gas Prices Near $6 Per Gallon In California Thanks To Biden And His Communist Regime

Across The United States every year we see gas prices go up because it is spring and that means people will be traveling more.  It has nothing to do with gas shortages and has everything to do with the elite getting richer off of the backs of hard working Americans.

This brings us to the Biden regime, Biden made it very clear that part of the agenda is to create a national electric car “green nation” and to phase out gas operated vehicles.



Simple- make gasoline prices so high that people will have no choice but to drive electric cars.

Breitbart report:

LOS ANGELES, California — A gas station in Los Angeles sold fuel for nearly $6 per gallon on Memorial Day weekend, as fuel prices continued to soar across the nation.


The Mobil station across from the Beverly Center shopping mall, near Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, was selling regular unleaded gasoline for $5.29 and 9/10 per gallon on Monday evening, and “Super Plus” for $5.99 and 9/10 — self serve, without assistance or a car wash.

Those prices were unusually high, even for Los Angeles, where many stations charged between $4 and $5 per gallon over the holiday weekend, and the average is currently about $4.22 per gallon, according to GasBuddy.com.

GasBuddy.com also notes that there are also stations in parts of the L.A. metropolitan area that are still selling fuel for less than $4 per gallon. But some stations are nearing the $6 per gallon mark, driven by high demand, supply shocks, state taxes, and growing market speculation about reduced future supply.

This is all about pricing out gas vehicles and creating the market for the electric vehicles it is called “price control”.

As WBUR reported, President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan includes a vision to rev up the American market for electric cars.

The push for electric vehicles isn’t just coming from the federal government. Many major automakers have also announced their plans for electric cars. Nora Naughton, auto reporter for The Wall Street Journal, says the move has been “a long time coming.”

Electric cars are complex and can’t be engineered overnight, she says. But largely, U.S. companies have noticed the globalized industry for electric cars growing in places like China and Europe, where companies must follow strict emissions regulations, she says.

Biden’s American Jobs Plan aims to solve that problem, using grants, loans and tax credits to encourage the switch to electric vehicles and invest in more charging stations. Biden’s plan promises to install at least 500,000 charging stations before the end of the decade, up from about 100,000 now.

We have seen vehicle prices go up as well as gas prices just since January 1st, 2021.  This is because of the current regime’s electric car push.  But one must ponder why this electric vehicle push and what is actually behind it.

One can only speculate that this all leads to the elite and their desire for more, more power, more money and more control over the people.  It also would give whomever controls the power, the power to shut down the transportation of a nation.

Breitbart continues, The Biden administration has tried to soothe public anger over gas prices, claiming — incorrectly — last week that Americans are paying less for gas today than the average for the past 15 years.

But President Joe Biden’s first acts in office were to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline and suspend new oil and gas activity on federal lands, signaling that the U.S. was abandoning the strategy of energy independence championed under President Donald Trump.

Moreover, while the recent hacking of the Colonial Pipeline did not affect California directly, it created concern across the nation about supply shortages.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has also declared that the state will phase out gas-powered vehicles (and, hence, gas stations) in favor of electric vehicles, banning the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

When the corrupt politicians tell you what they are doing is for the betterment of the nation as well as for the people, you know damn well that it is actually about control and money.

As we enter into summer, one thing is very clear, we will see gas prices rise along with everything else in this nation.  It is almost as if they are pricing out the poor and middle class so that they become reliant on government funds.


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