GENIUS… Navy Decides To Arm Sailors In U.S. After #Chattanooga Attack


Military Recruiting Center Crime Scene


Wow this is brilliant and none of us would EVER thought of this! The Navy has decided to allow sailors to be armed at their reserve centers- just in case some of Obama’s Jihadists want to kill them… Ya think?


This genius idea comes in the aftermath of the recent attacks at the Navy Reserve Center in Chattanooga that resulted in the deaths of 4 Marines and 1 sailor, officials said late Friday

The idea that these people that are serving our country have actually been unarmed and sitting ducks for this long is totally incomprehensible to me. I am glad that SOMEONE has the intelligence to see this, although I have no idea how this is happening under Hussein’s watch. But apparently it is!


According to FOX, Cmdr. William Marks said armed guards will be posted at the centers as “a matter of prudent and necessary action toward protecting our personnel.”

Again, brilliant idea.

“The threat posed to military forces in the United States by homegrown violent extremists has increased,” Marks said.

Gee, I would never have guessed. And btw, the Jihads are flooding in over our unprotected borders thanks to the Marxist president.They aren’t just ‘homegrown’ terrorists…

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He said additional measures are being considered.

What? You mean like making sure that if you shoot a fricking Jihad terrorist our members of the military won’t get thrown in prison? That’s great dude! Awesome news.

The spokesman said sailors will be trained to protect the reserve centers in accordance with Navy regulations.

Well I hope they can carry something more that a slingshot- maybe AK-47’s with 40 round magazines might be more effective.

 The authorization is effective immediately but Marks could not say when the actual watches will begin.
Yeah, the watches should probably begin, I don’t know… HOW ABOUT IMMEDIATELY? Why wait another second? Come on now! 

The Navy began examining ways to enhance security at its facilities after a MUSLIM TERRORIST opened fire on the Chattanooga facility in a July 16 attack, killing the five service members.


How much did it cost us tax-payers for you people to ‘examine’ ways to ‘enhance’ security? A fricking 5 year-old could have come up with the solution!

So, this is a step in the right direction and I surely mean no disrespect to our top brass in the military but on the other hand it is very frustrating to see our men and women being forced to serve unarmed here in our country. Muslims are invading our country thanks to Obama and these people that are in charge need to tell Hussein to screw himself. 


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